Michael Jackson’s Death Inspired ‘Sheikh Jackson’ Movie

Michael Jackson is the theme of “Sheikh Jackson.”

Michael Jackson’s death in 2009 shocked fans worldwide, and a new movie called Sheikh Jackson explores the effect MJ’s death had on one fan in Egypt.

The King of Pop was a global phenomenon, and Michael Jackson’s death on June 25, 2009, brought a state of mourning to his millions of fans worldwide.

Although many Michael Jackson fans honored their favorite musical genius with shrines and handmade artworks of their own, Sheikh Jackson explores a state of deeper mourning.

According to Variety, Sheikh Jackson by Amr Salama recently premiered in Egypt.

The premise of the Sheikh Jackson movie is based upon the life of a young Muslim imam in Egypt that began obsessively impersonating the King of Pop after learning news of the death of Michael Jackson.

The Sheikh Jackson movie highlighted that the young imam’s mother was a “closet Michael Jackson fan,” and this might have influenced her son becoming a Michael Jackson impersonator after MJ died.

Throughout the movie, they show how, instead of giving his focus to his job at the mosque and his young family, the imam is obsessing on Michael Jackson.

At one time, the imam looks out at his congregation, and they start doing Michael Jackson’s famous Thriller dance.

 Michael Jackson's death is part of

Variety also points out that there is something about Michael Jackson missing from this movie: his actual voice, music or photographs of him.

Despite the lack of Michael Jackson video clips or official music in the Sheikh Jackson movie, this film was representational of how MJ fans in the Middle East and South Asia often work the King of Pop into their works of art.

For example, Michael Jackson “Man in the Mirror” references were made in the song “Benny Lava” by the Swetshop Boys comprised of rapper Heems and actor Riz MC.

When he was part of Das Racist, Heems also produced the song “Michael Jackson” with ‎Kool A.D. Vasquez and ‎Ashok Kondabolu.

Over the years, the Bollywood film industry in India has showcased many Michael Jackson impersonators such as disco dancer, Mithun Chakraborty.

The 1980’s Bollywood remake of Michael Jackson’s Thriller was a huge success, and the video is still circulating on YouTube.

One other upcoming Thriller-related piece of memorabilia that might be on its way is public access to an alleged unpublished Michael Jackson piece of music.

Michael Jackson is commonly referenced by fans from India.

According to Polygon, the next new version of a “Thriller” song Michael Jackson fans hear might be an alleged unreleased Moonwalker game music track produced for Sega Genesis.

Currently, the facts have not been examined outside of the “collector,” but the person with the music cartridge thinks it might be a genuine 1990 Michael Jackson artifact.

Allegedly purchased for $20, the YouTube video uploaded by the collector shows Michael Jackson kicking a zombie with a “chiptune” version of “Thriller” playing in the background.

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