Pizza Within A Pizza: The Double Sensation From Pizza Hut

Pizza Hut Singapore is giving its customers a double dose of doughy goodness with its latest offering — a pizza within a pizza.

The aptly titled Double Sensation lives up to its name because the giant pie is actually two whole pizzas baked together. If that mental image doesn’t expand your waistline, the fact that both pizzas are piled with a massive amount of toppings just might.

Still not popping at the seams? Now imagine that the whole thing comes with two different types of stuffed crusts. Not only stuffed, but stuffed to the breaking point.

According to Yahoo News, the list of ingredients is daunting and encompasses a smorgasbord of flavors. The outer crust sports three different types of cheese while the inner pizza crust is filled with chicken sausage. Move inward a bit and you’ll find bell peppers, turkey ham, zucchini, onions, mushrooms, smoked chicken, and salsa.

The Double Sensation is completed with a pepper-Alfredo sauce and a maraschino cherry cheekily placed in the center.

If you have a hankering to give this monstrosity a whirl you’ll have to act quickly. According to Fox News, Pizza Hut is only offering its mega meaty masterpiece to customers of its Singapore locations. On top of that, the pie will only be around for the month of December.

If you do make the jaunt to Southeast Asia for a bite you can expect to pay around $28 for a 13 inch pie.

Are you daring enough to try Pizza Hut’s massive Double Sensation pizza within a pizza?