‘DOOL’ Spoilers: James Reynolds Teases Different Abe Carver, Challenges And Choices Will Have Fans Talking

Days Of Our Lives spoilers reveal that fans will see a different kind of Abe Carver in the future. Even though his public arrest seemed like a huge plot, there are more interesting storylines coming. Actor James Reynolds spoke to CBS Soaps In Depth regarding the mayor of Salem. He will face his biggest challenge yet. What is most interesting is that fans will be talking after discovering certain choices that Abe makes. He hinted that the lines between good and bad are blurred.

DOOL spoilers are ahead. Do not continue reading unless you want to know what is coming up on the NBC soap opera.

Over the decades, Abe Carver has been faced with several difficulties. He doesn’t always make the right decision, even though he tries his best. The mayor has learned through both his victories and failures. So, what kind of storylines can viewers expect from the character in the next few months? Expect him to face his biggest challenge yet.

In fact, the way he handles it will surprise fans. However, the actor clarified that it isn’t good or bad, that those lines are not always clear and can become blurred at times.

“The audience may have never seen this particular Abe Carver. It’s not bad or evil, but it’s somebody that reacts in ways that are [different.] There’s a lot of emotion involved in what will be happening, and it will really give viewers something to think about.”

Days Of Our Lives spoilers tease that Kyler Pettis is leaving the soap opera. There are rumors that Theo Carver will get injured, which leads to him attending a year-long program. Could Theo’s storyline be part of what Abe is going to be dealing with in future episodes? It would explain the amount of emotion that is hinted. Dealing with family, especially children, can bring out a lot of surprising characteristics in people.

When speaking of Theo, James Reynolds explained that Abe wants his son to make the right choices. However, that doesn’t always happen and can be more difficult because of his autism diagnosis.

“He wants Theo to be able to operate on his own but also understands that he has to be more wary of that than other parents might have to.”

Days Of Our Lives spoilers also reveal that Abe will have to work on his relationship with Valerie Grant (Vanessa Williams.) He hid the truth about the arrest from her. However, his dedication to protecting the people of Salem will always come first. He doesn’t feel good about keeping Valerie in the dark, though. Thankfully, Eli Grant (Lamon Archey) is going to help Abe and Valerie smooth things over.

What do you think is going to happen with Abe Carver on Days Of Our Lives? Does it have to do with Theo Carver leaving Salem?

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