Burning Trump ‘MAGA’ Hats: Furious Right-Wing Trump Fans Set Their $25 ‘Make America Great Again’ Hats On Fire

Burning Trump 'MAGA' Hats: Enraged Right-Wing Trump Fans Setting $25 'Make America Great Again' Hats On Fire

President Donald Trump and the hats he sells on his shop.donaldjtrump.com website were everything to his supporters. On the campaign trail, when Trump promised to “Make America Great Again,” and discovered that the slogan resonated with his supporters, the hats appeared on Trump’s official online website. Mocked on Twitter for selling “Make America Great Again” hats with labels that read “Made in China,” Trump eventually sold hats “Proudly Made in USA,” as reported by the Inquisitr. Adding to the “Make America Great Again” hats, which currently sell for $25, were Trump’s “Official USA 45th Presidential Hat – Red,” along with the “Official USA 45th Presidential Hat – White” hat, which are currently priced at $40.00 each. When First Lady Melania Trump appeared recently sporting a FLOTUS hat, at least one journalist wondered if Melania’s FLOTUS hats would pop up for sale, tempting Melania fans to buy their own FLOTUS hats. (No FLOTUS hats appear for sale as of this writing among the many-colored “Make America Great Again” and “45” and “USA” hats currently for sale on President Trump’s official website.)

Those who saved their $25 and didn’t buy a “Make America Great Again” hat might be thanking heaven above right now, because some Trump supporters are taking to social media to show just how disillusioned they’ve become by Trump, as reported by USA Today.

The latest bonfire of Trump “MAGA” hats has resulted from President Trump’s latest decision to compromise with Democrats regarding DREAMers. Whereas on the campaign trail Trump promised that undocumented immigrants would have to leave the country and apply to return using the legal process, now as President Trump, he is being called #AmnestyDon. Therefore, the #burnmyMAGAhat has appeared along with the hashtags criticizing Trump. Photos and videos appearing under the #burnmyMAGAhat hashtag can be seen below.

Those who aren’t allowed to set their “MAGA” hats on fire due to fire restrictions in their living quarters are posting photos that show Trump merchandise being destroyed in other ways. It’s not the first time that President Donald Trump’s hats were set on fire. The top photo above shows a “MAGA” hat on fire during a rally against an appearance by Milo Yiannopoulos on the University of California at Berkeley campus back in February. However, the fact that former Trump supporters are burning hats on social media is a new phenomenon.

[Featured Image by Ben Margot/AP Images]