‘Big Brother 19’ Spoilers: CBS Violated ‘BB’ Policies For Raven Or Are Health Problems Exaggerated?

Big Brother 19 spoilers from recent jury house episodes show that BB19 houseguests and evicted jurors are unilaterally exhausted with Raven (and Matt by association). On last week’s episode when Alex entered the jury house, Jason told his pal that they would be having fun in the jury house “if it wasn’t for these two” gesturing at Raven and Matt. Raven exploded, and a fight ensued with her still insisting she’s the puppet master while Cody grinned happily in the midst of the fracas. Even with Raven in the jury and done with the game, there are still some lingering questions. For instance, if she’s dying as she claims, how did she get on Big Brother at all?

Big Brother eligibility requirements are specific

Big Brother‘s official casting website lists eligibility requirements – you can read them all here. Among them listed prominently is that houseguests must be in “excellent physical and mental health” and it addresses medical concerns in a few areas of the list. On item 10 it says if you are selected for an interview you must provide a “Medical History Form,” but there’s more than that because you can lie on a form, right? That’s what the many BB fans that are hosting a near daily Raven Exposed Party want to know.

Item 11 on the list says if you’re selected as a finalist, you must “submit to physical and mental examinations by Producer-selected medical professional(s) in Los Angeles” and “meet all physical and psychological requirements.” Surely if Raven were actively dying of some diseases, she wouldn’t be eligible to play in a game that’s got a heavily physical component. If Raven was admitted to the house in poor health and died while playing the game, CBS could be sued.

Did CBS and Big Brother break its policies?

So did CBS make a mistake or were they and their L.A. doctors somehow fooled by Raven not admitting to all her health issues? Or did they make an exception to include her in the game? With Christmas breaking her foot, it’s a different issue since she came into the game very healthy and then she and Jason broke her foot horseplaying in the yard. CBS is responsible for treating her injury since it happened in the house, and that’s why she has to get doctor clearance for every event.

Throughout the Big Brother 19 season, there haven’t been any competitions requiring anyone but Christmas to get medical clearance to participate. Not once has there been a mention of Raven needing to obtain clearance to participate. Given the clearly defined requirements to get into the game, it implies that Raven is healthy. If CBS abided by its policies (and why wouldn’t they?), Raven must be in “excellent” physical health even with her gastric pacemaker. Otherwise, that’s a lot of liability for the network to assume (and why would they?).

Pacemaker, yes. Dying? Maybe not

For Big Brother 19 fans that are doubters, there is proof that Raven does have the pacemaker. You can physically see it in her abdomen — and there’s even a video on Facebook her mom shot while she was in the hospital recovering from surgery and it looks terribly painful and the incision is giant. You can see the video on Raven’s Facebook page about her GP. There is no doubt that Raven has a malady; however, given the clear-cut CBS eligibility policy and no mention of accommodations for her in the Big Brother competitions, it seems she’s healthy enough to play.

With just a few days until the Wednesday, September 20, finale of Big Brother 19, it’s too late to ask many more questions about Raven and her antics in the BB19 house with Matt, and to discover the truth about her health. What do you think, Big Brother fans? With the end in sight, will Josh send Paul out of Big Brother in third place? Will Jessica’s bribes work so that Cody wins AFP? And could there be a Big Brother marriage proposal (or two) on BB19 finale night?

Check back for more last-minute Big Brother 19 spoilers and news.

[Featured Image by Sonja Flemming/CBS]