Long Island mom uses Craigslist to retaliate against 9-year-old

A 40-year-old Long Island social worker is accused of using Craigslist’s adult section to mete out vengeance in a dispute between 4th graders.

Hauppauge mother Margery Tannenbaum is facing charges of aggravated harassment and endangering the welfare of a child after posting a salicious ad on the site known for its naughty “casual encounters” hookup sections. Tannenbaum posted an ad with the email “lacethong23@yahoo.com” along with the 9-year-old girl’s real name and phone number. The victim’s mother reports than men called in response to the ad, asking for the little girl.

Tannenbaum’s daughter attends the same Smithtown elementary school as the girl, and Tannenbaum was class parent for both girls last year. In light of the charges, which indicate seriously impaired judgment, the Suffolk County DA is asking the state to review Tannenbaum’s license to practice social work. Tannenbaum maintains her innocence in the case, and her lawyer commented to press:

“She’s a good mother, she’s never been in any trouble before, she takes good care of her kids,” he told CBS 2. “I’m defending her to the fullest, she maintains her innocence.”