WWE News: Daniel Bryan Has Been Training With Brie Bella For In-Ring Return

Brie Bella hasn’t wrestled a match since WrestleMania 32. The expectation was that she’d officially retired from the ring to start a family with Daniel Bryan, who had also officially announced his own retirement just a few months before Brie’s last match. However, there has been some speculation about Brie Bella making a WWE comeback soon. Shortly after giving birth to the couple’s first child, she began training for a return.

Apparently, Brie has been filming some of her training sessions with the intention of putting them on social media. However, WWE officials have shut down the possibility of Brie sharing them because Daniel Bryan has actually been working with her in the ring. The powers that be don’t want any videos released of Daniel Bryan taking bumps or training because of his “retirement” and injuries that have kept him out of the ring.

There have been a lot of rumors surrounding Daniel Bryan’s future in wrestling. His WWE deal will expire next year and there is some speculation that he’ll be getting back into the ring as an active wrestler. It isn’t clear what promotion he would sign with for his return to the ring, but training with Brie Bella has a lot of people excited. WWE officials are not excited and don’t want any evidence of Bryan training to get leaked.

Daniel Bryan is Training With Brie Bella

In the short term, Daniel Bryan is working with Brie Bella to get her back into ring shape for her comeback that is expected to happen early next year. The expectation is The Bella Twins will return together for a big match at the WWE Royal Rumble or even WrestleMania 34. In the long term, Bryan is apparently working on a new low-impact style that should protect his head and neck for his own comeback to the ring in 2018.

Daniel Bryan Announced His Retirement

From a business perspective, WWE officials are trying to protect the company because concussions have become a big issue for the powers that be to show that they are protecting their performers. Daniel Bryan is still under contract with WWE. Until Bryan’s contract expires next year, the backlash would still come back to the company. WWE officials are trying to avoid that, but they have no control of what Bryan does in his own backyard. For now, he’s just training with Brie at home, but it could mean bigger things in the future.

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