‘Longmire’ Season 6 Premiere Date: Why The Long Wait For The Final Season?

Fans can’t wait for the premiere of Longmire Season 6, which will be the series’ final season. However, Netflix has yet to officially announce the show’s return date and some viewers are getting impatient as to why they have been kept waiting that long.

It’s been an agonizing wait for Longmire Season 6, especially since it’s been almost a year that the last episode from the previous season aired. Filming has already been completed months ago, yet Netflix hasn’t given an official premiere date despite having announced September returning shows. It remains unclear why there is no word on Season 6’s premiere and fans are growing concerned.

According to CarterMatt, many of Longmire’s loyal fans want the series to end with a bang. It would also be great if the series departs with the highest possible ratings it can get. For that to happen, a premiere date should already be in place but that’s not what’s happening at the moment.

Other media outlets speculated that Netflix is delaying the release date news to simply build the hype for the final season of one of the most loved shows on the streaming service. If that’s the case, it’s actually working.


While fans continue to wait for the premiere date news, it’s been widely believed that the final season of the Western-themed crime drama will arrive in October. A Season 5 DVD is set to be released later this month so an announcement of Longmire Season 6’s premiere, along with a trailer, could probably be out shortly after the DVD release.

The seemingly endless wait also results to more speculation as to what could happen in the series’ final bow. There have been rumors about Vic (Katee Sackhoff) and Walt Longmire (Robert Taylor) getting married, but will have a short-lived happy ending. There were also talks of a Longmire movie, which Taylor happened to have talked briefly about in an interview.

Longmire Season 6's premiere date announcement has yet to be made.
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For now, fans will just need to hold their breaths a little longer if Longmire Season 6 will, indeed arrive next month. With this delay, one can only expect that the production has prepared so much for Longmire to have a remarkable end to the story. After all, Lou Diamond Phillips, who plays Henry Standingbear, did promise during an interview with Cowboys Indians that the show “will bring closure and satisfaction.”

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