Video: Melania Trump Pushed Offstage As President Trump Shakes Her Hand - She Stays At White House Same Day

Paula Mooney

President Donald Trump has a penchant for putting his hand on the back of first lady Melania Trump and "guiding" her along where Trump wants Melania to go, as can be seen via photos throughout this article. However, one recent move by President Trump - wherein Trump was seen on video awkwardly shaking Melania's hand after introducing him and then using his hand to slightly push Melania offstage - isn't going over well with the Twitter crowd. As seen in the below video, Melania said that it was her great pleasure to introduce her husband, President Donald Trump, as the couple spoke to military personnel and military families at Andrews Air Force Base, Maryland, on Friday, September 15.

Instead of kissing one another, as Melania and President Trump sometimes do in such circumstances, President Trump extended his hand to Melania and shook her hand. As Melania next stood back - perhaps a little unsure whether she should share the stage with her husband or not - President Trump placed a hand on her back and gave a gentle push, as if to teach her to get off the stage. President Trump's gentle push of Melania was certainly more subtle than the time Bernie Sanders clearly told his wife, "Don't stand next to me."

However, a search for "Trump pushed Melania" on Twitter turns up reactions from people who don't like the way President Trump used his hand to guide Melania away, with comments about the gentle pushing relaying a "power move" type of body language. Social media users are wondering if Melania decided to stay at the White House with Barron Trump to relax and enjoy the weekend therein, instead of joining President Trump, Ivanka, Jared, and their children - Arabella, Joseph, and Theodore - who were seen getting off of Air Force One on Friday. Pontifications over whether or not Melania simply needed time away are joining all sorts of other theories being bandied about online.

[Featured Image by Evan Vucci/AP Images]