Videos: 11-Year-Old Frank ‘FX Mowing’ Giaccio Cut White House Lawn, Wanted Trump To Pay $8 Grass Fee

Videos: 11-Year-Old Frank 'FX Mowing' Giaccio Mows White House Lawn - Trump Helps Mow Grass [Photos]

Barron Trump had another 11-year-old boy at the White House on Friday, September 15, when 11-year-old Frank ‘FX’ Giaccio showed up to mow some of the most famous grass in the world. President Trump accepted an offer from Frank “FX” Giaccio to mow the lawn of the White House and even lent a hand to Giaccio as he got the mower going on the White House lawn.

As seen in the photos, Frank wore protective gear when he mowed the grass in the Rose Garden of the White House. Frank hails from Falls Church, Virginia, and had his wish granted when Giaccio’s letter to President Trump was read and obliged. Frank runs FX Mowing, and he penned a letter to President Trump saying that he admired President Trump’s business background. Giaccio also offered to mow the White House grass, and on Friday, his wish came true.

As seen in the video below from the official Twitter account of President Trump, Frank speaks about mowing the grass at the White House, and the young man is seen inside the White House, taking photos with President Trump. Additional videos below show President Trump speaking with Frank and asking him what he wants to be in the future. Giaccio responded that he would like to be a Navy SEAL.

According to ABC News, President Trump surprised Giaccio when Trump showed up next to Frank in the Rose Garden. President Trump applauded Frank and called the boy the future of the country. Photos show that President Trump stepped in to help Giaccio at certain points by giving the boy and lawn mower a push or a congratulatory shoulder grab; eventually giving Frank both a pat on his back and a high-five for cutting the grass.

Frank was invited into the Oval Office of the White House after his hard work of mowing the lawn. Humorously, Giaccio wanted to charge President Trump his “regular price” of $8 for mowing lawns.

Trump lawn

Frank is a young entrepreneur and a big fan of President Trump, who noted that the mowing job and meeting President Trump were the highlights of his day. Giaccio called it “actually really cool” to get a chance to enter the Oval Office; an office that Frank assumed would be much smaller.


Frank asked for the honor of cutting the grass at the White House to “show the nation what young people like me are ready for.” Giaccio’s dad advised his son to mow the White House lawn for free and to forgo his normal $8 fee when he cut the Rose Garden lawn.

[Featured Image by Win McNamee/Getty Images]