'The Bold And The Beautiful' Spoilers: Bill Gives Steffy Marital Advice, Liam Vows To Fight For Her Love, And Ridge Issues Thomas A Stern Warning

What's happening next on Monday, May 9 on The Bold and the Beautiful? The spoilers tease that Steffy is confused about her feelings for Liam and considers leaving Wyatt to figure out which brother is the best man for her. Bill offers Steffy marital advice and urges her to stick by Wyatt's side because he is her husband. Liam vows to fight for Steffy's love, no matter how long it takes. Thomas is left feeling overwhelmed with the news that Douglas is his son and Ridge issues him a warning. Ridge makes it perfectly clear that he won't allow Thomas any paternity rights, including visitation with his child. Katie assures Caroline that telling Thomas the truth is the best decision for everyone involved, including Douglas.

The Bold and the Beautiful preview for Monday's episode showed Bill advising Steffy that Wyatt has to come first and encouraged her to work on her marriage and forget her relationship with Liam. Bill tells her that her life with Liam is in the past, and Wyatt is her husband. She owes him her loyalty, at the very least. Of course, Steffy agreed with Bill on all accounts. Bill explains that he is going to try to encourage Liam to move on and return to work.

Bill's conversation with Liam doesn't go as smoothly, though. The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers indicate that he gets upset and tells his dad that he is doing everything he can to fight for Steffy's love. He cannot accept that she doesn't want to be with him anymore and vows to make her his wife. Bill tries to discourage him, but Liam refuses to listen.

The battle between Thomas and Ridge is just beginning. The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers indicate this week will be full of drama between the two. Soap Central reveals that Ridge issues Thomas a warning on Monday and tells him that Douglas won't ever know he is his biological father. Obviously, that is not okay with Thomas, and he says that he intends to fight for his paternity rights, including visitation. Ridge begins to get worried that Thomas may consider suing them for full custody.

Later in the week, Thomas will become frustrated because Ridge and Caroline refuse to allow him access to Douglas. He does something rash in a moment of desperation. The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers hint that he kidnaps his son and drives with him while he tries to figure out his next move. The B&B rumors have implied that Thomas may get in a catastrophic accident with Douglas in the car.

Katie assures Caroline that Thomas must know about Douglas' true paternity. The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers indicate that Caroline begins to worry if telling him might have been a huge mistake. Katie tells her that he must know he is Douglas' father because it's the right thing to do. "It's what's best for you, Ridge, Thomas and most of all--Douglas," Katie says.
Caroline worries that Thomas may want visitation or worse to sue her for full custody. She voices her fear that he will be upset that he was kept from his son that he may want to get back at her. Caroline wonders if he would consider suing her and Ridge for custody. Katie assures her that he is a level-headed man and will listen to Ridge. Katie felt confident that he would allow things to stay the same and would be thrilled to learn he is his biological father. It appears, according to The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers, that Katie was wrong about the situation.

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