HTC Droid Eris is No Droid, Ships With 528MHz Processor, Android 1.5

I’m not knocking the HTC Droid Eris, but it’s definitely no Motorola Droid, that fact has become apparently clear with the realization that the unit will feature a rather slow 528MHz Qualcomm chipset and run on the Android 1.5 mobile OS. While still a decent setup, it’s the same features found in year old devices including the HTC Hero and T-Mobile myTouch 3G.

BGR added that a “second HTC phone due later should address the speed gap” although it still doesn’t make sense that Verizon would so heavily push Android systems (Droid Does campaign) while providing less than stellar speeds in the age of Snapdragon processors and Android 2.0.

In another turn of “what the hell are they thinking” events it’s also expected that the Droid Eris will have a dumbed down HTC Hero camera.

Slower processors,mid-level cameras and the promise of better devices in the future, yup that sounds just like a Verizon campaign thrown together with a dash of HTC “forward thinking.” [Electronista]