‘BB19’ Spoilers: Dr. Will Kirby Moderating Bitter Jury Could Prevent Paul’s Second Loss

Global TV reports the latest BB19 spoilers are that the notoriously evil Dr. Will Kirby will be moderating the jury pool yet again for next week’s finale night of Big Brother 19. With a very bitter jury pool seemingly taking shape, it could be the only thing that saves 24-year-old Paul Abrahamian’s game if he makes it to the final two contestants of Big Brother. Last night’s episode revealed that Paul has left a very bitter jury pool in the jury house, and so far, it sounds like this could be a problem for him come finale night.

It’s Paul Paul Abrahamian’s second time in the Big Brother house and his second time at final three. He’s this close to the $500,000, but he lost last year by playing too hard and, he thinks, bringing the wrong person into the final two.

If there is anyone who could explain to the jury that nefarious moves are necessary to win the socially competitive game of Big Brother, it would be the notoriously evil Dr. Will Kirby. Paul may need his help this year as he is in danger of losing the game for the second season in a row.

It’s the final week of Big Brother 19, as the eighth member of the jury has been added following last night’s eviction of 56-year-old stay-at-home dad Kevin Schlehuber. Kevin told Julie Chen in his eviction interview the same thing about his strategy that almost every other new jury member noted, that Paul Abrahamian from California was his number one guy.

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However, the only real alliance that Paul has had this season is with himself. He mentioned as much before he even entered the house for the second time, telling CBS that “sneaky” and using people’s weaknesses against them was not only his game plan, but a talent of his.

“If there’s one trait I’m confident about, it’s that I’m sneaky….I’ll probably use people’s weaknesses against them. It’s very hard to get underneath my skin, but very easy for me to get underneath yours, so I think I can mentally crack any member. I’m really good at getting people to do what I want. Also, getting them to think that they’re on top of a situation, when really, they’re not.”

It’s exactly how he has played the entire season. Even 23-year-old Raven Walton from Arkansas went into the jury house telling everybody she was the puppet master of the game, as the Inquisitr previously reported. It was a stream of consciousness that didn’t fly well with the jury.

Paul’s strategy, on the other hand, of being the actual puppet master is starting to be noticed by jury members. It could make for a very bitter jury pool come next week’s finale night.

All through this season of Big Brother, Paul has cleverly manipulated the house to his advantage, even having all cast mates throw an entire HOH competition in his alliance’s favor in the HOH competition “Ready Set Whoa.” In so doing, those cast members could very well have thrown their shot at the ultimate prize of $500,000.

During the season, Paul revealed in his diary room sessions that his ultimate plan was to ensure he had no blood on his hands with the jury come finale night. Whether he has been successful in this endeavor remains to be seen. Last night, the Big Brother audience saw a clip from the jury house, and it seems that Paul may have more blood on his hands than he thinks.

But if there’s anybody that can convince the jury that a manipulative player deserves to win the game, it could be master manipulator Dr. Will Kirby. Kirby won Season 2 of Big Brother by lying continuously and even telling people to their face he was lying to them. Dr. Kirby says he thinks he has a lot of sway with the jury and takes his role as jury moderator very seriously.

“It honestly doesn’t matter to me who they ultimately vote to win as long as they have truly explored their feelings and weighed their emotional connection to the remaining houseguests. No true fan wants to see a jury that just casts votes as knee-jerk reactions to their own personal bias. Maybe they just need a little time with Dr. Will…and turn that pain into a more useful experience.”

But that doesn’t mean Dr. Will is going for Paul to win and says some of the tactics he has used are on the low side. Paul chided 23-year-old Miami native Josh Martinez into tormenting fellow house guests with pots and pans and distracting them during competitions. Paul, along with 33-year-old Christmas Abbott of North Carolina, also goaded 32-year-old Cody Nickson of Texas and his military status, calling Cody an “embarrassment.”

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Dr. Will Kirby had something to say about those alleged game strategies.

“Nothing is off limits and if that strategy works then any house guest is free to utilize it….My personal thoughts on bullying and intimidation as a strategy? It is brutish and uncivilized. I respond best to game play based on intelligence, humor, and charisma.”

Dr. Kirby also says his gameplay with Paul Abrahamian does not compare. He even referred to Paul’s game as “hacky shtick.”

“There is a night and day difference; I incorporated intellectual finesse and tactical precision with a dash of humor while he utilizes fear and hacky schtick. That is like trying to compare Yoda to the lovechild of Jar Jar Binks and Kylo Ren.”

Some viewers of BB 19 are noticing that jury management is a problem for Paul this season.

On last night’s episode, the audience got a bird’s eye view of what is going on in the minds of the jury pool. There won’t be any BB 19 spoilers from the house before finale night, but last night’s episode was revelatory and indicates that the audience may be more spot-on than Paul thinks about a salty jury pool.

When 38-year-old Jason Dent of Iowa first arrived at the jury house after double eviction night, his first words were, “Paul or Alex backdoored the snot out of me.”

Jason would later learn that his closest ally in the house, 28-year-old Alex Ow, had nothing to do with his eviction, leaving Jason very salty with Paul.

When the jury watched the “Ready Set Whoa” HOH competition, where all cast mates, including Alex Ow, threw the competition to Christmas, they were very upset. Shocked looks fell on the jury as they watched the house guests throw a competition and, for some, throw away their chances at $500 thousand.

“This is infuriating,” 26-year-old Elena Davies responsed.

After Jason realized that Alex had nothing to do with his eviction, he said he felt “ridiculous” for the way he treated her upon his exit. He also said, when watching Alex make nominations during the double eviction, “Put Paul up!”

Raven said she wanted Paul to go to the end which made both Cody and Jason shake their heads in astonishment, and Mark sort of furrowed his eyebrows in what appeared to be disbelief. Raven then revealed she had been working with Paul “the entire time” in her mind, and referred to her and Matt as puppet masters in the game.

According to her Instagram, Raven has a previous friendship with Paul, having met him in March before Big Brother 19 started airing.

Raven’s reactions drew even more incredulous responses from the jury and the nationwide audience. Mark revealed that all jury members had an alliance with Paul, to which Raven responded that her alliance with Paul and Matt was “the one he [Paul] really cared about.”

At this point, Jason then asked, “Why are you two sitting here?” which drew more disbelief from the jury members, notably Mark and Cody. “That’s hilarious!”

Elena also dryly noted upon awaiting the next jury member, “If Paul is being true to Paul I’m sure he’ll take a shot at his last alliance member.”

The jury member that arrived then was one of Paul’s last alliance members, Alex Ow.

When Alex arrived, she noted that she was evicted because Paul was worried about jury votes.

Mark interjected saying emphatically, “He’s gonna get second place.”

Jason also said with evident bitterness, “We’ll show you the jury votes, pal.” J
ason also told Alex, after discussing Paul’s shadiness, “You can’t vote for that” signaling that Paul faces an uphill battle with Jason’s jury vote.

In previous BB 19 spoilers, the Hollywood Reporter noted that in Jason’s exit interview, he commented that if it was either Paul or Alex in the final two, they would not get his vote. He has since learned Alex had nothing to do with his eviction, and Paul had everything to do with it. Jason offered some thoughts on where his vote would go not that long ago.

“If it’s Paul or Alex up there… unless it’s the pair of them together, I’ll have to do some thinking, but if it’s them and anyone else, anyone else will win in my book.”

Mark also did not like Raven referring to herself as a puppet master and said the following.

“It just bugs me as a competitor and as a Big Brother fan. I’ve just, never heard of somebody saying they were a puppet master and win nothing.”

Watch the entire jury discussion from last night again. Leave a comment below on where you think the jury stands with Paul.

Jury management is one strategy in the game, but so is the collection of information. What Paul doesn’t know about things happening outside the house, and in the jury pool, could hurt him in the end game.

In goodbye messages to both Jason and Kevin, Josh blew up Paul’s game a little bit by revealing that Josh was in an all-season alliance with Christmas and Paul. It shows very clever jury management on Josh’s part, as he taints the jury against Paul without Paul even realizing it.

This would be shocking to anyone who also thought they were in an all-season alliance with Paul, which is almost the entire jury house. Paul does not know that Josh has revealed this in his goodbye messages.

If the jury were to vote today, and the finale and final two were decided today, Paul has some problems, but they may not be insurmountable with Dr. Kirby coming on board to moderate the jury deliberations. Paul has clearly locked in Matt and Raven’s votes, but the votes of Cody, Jason, Mark, and Elena remain up in the air.

Alex appeared to acknowledge that Paul was just engaging in game play and may give him her vote for that reason, though this remains to be seen. If Paul makes it to the final two, he will also be there with either Christmas or Josh. The pair of Christmas and Josh has been very tightly bound during the entire season, and it is not clear whether or not either Christmas or Josh would vote for Paul in the end.

Given how Josh has been slightly blowing up Paul’s game in goodbye messages, and that he asked Christmas to take him to final two, it’s possible that Josh won’t throw a vote Paul’s way. Where Christmas stands remains to be seen and depends on how the rest of the week plays out. Big Brother Network reports that Paul intends on taking Josh with him if he has the decision power for the final two.

More BB 19 spoilers can still be spotted on the Big Brother live feeds by CBS. Big Brother airs tonight at 8 p.m. Eastern Standard Time where the final three — Josh, Christmas, and Paul — will reminisce about the season.

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