A 3-Motor Tesla Model S Now Exists, And It Corners Really Well

Magna Powertrain has unveiled a Tesla Model S unit with three motors.

The Tesla Model S P100D is arguably the fastest production car on the market, being able to outrun its gasoline-powered counterparts on a consistent basis. With dual motors, the Model S P100D is capable of reaching 60 mph below three seconds. So what really happens, then, when another motor gets added to the mix?

This question was answered recently by Magna Powertrain, with the auto specialist showcasing its latest technologies in the E1, a heavily modified Tesla Model S with three full motors. In order to create the E1, Magna had to remove Tesla’s stock motors and battery, replacing the system with a special configuration that optimizes the vehicle’s handling.

The result of Magna’s project was a Model S with two motors for the rear wheels and one motor for the EV’s front wheels. Utilizing such a configuration gives the E1 a lot of finesse when tackling difficult turns, as stated in a CNET report. The E1 also features torque vectoring and overdriving, further enhancing the vehicle’s agility on the road.

The E1 is essentially a heavily modified variant of the Model S, with added performance when driving around corners. Ironically, however, each of the three motors in the E1 only produces 188 hp. Considering that the E1 has three motors, the total horsepower of Magna Powertrain’s vehicle only reaches 564 hp. That’s almost 200 hp less than the 762 hp that is featured on the stock engine of the Tesla Model S P100D.

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Despite this, however, Magna has stated that its goals with the E1 were not to produce the fastest Tesla in the market. Rather, it was to create the most maneuverable EV possible, using the company’s iconic eDrive System.

The actual figures of the E1’s performance are still unannounced as of writing, though a Motor Authority report stated that the modified Model S seemed to have functioned on par with Tesla’s powerful, factory-grade vehicles. Thus, despite the lowered horsepower, there is a good chance that the E1 would not be an inferior vehicle at all.

While the E1 is an interesting car, Magna Powertrain has announced that it would not be mass-producing the EV at all. Instead, the E1 would exist solely as a means for the auto firm to showcase its most advanced technologies.

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Magna’s Highly Integrated eDrive System, as well as the E1 itself, would be making an appearance on this year’s Frankfurt Auto Show.

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