Gene Simmons Clarifies ‘The Vault’ Cost, Says He Will Hand Deliver Box Set To Anyone Who Buys It

Gene Simmons is setting the record straight on his latest record, The Vault. The legendary KISS bass guitarist talked to the Domenick Nati podcast and explained that his 150-song box set does not actually cost $50,000 for him to hand deliver. In the interview, Simmons reiterated that the price for The Vault is an affordable $2,000. Gene also makes it clear that he will fly to fans’ locations on his own dime to hand deliver the 38-pound set as a thank you for the lifestyle that his loyal following has afforded him.

The Vault will include 150 previously unreleased songs performed by Simmons, with cameos by famous friends like Bob Dylan the Van Halen brothers, and of course, Gene Simmons’ KISS bandmates. Many fans have raised eyebrows over the exorbitant cost for The Vault, but Simmons says it not what it seems.

“As a thank you to the fans I’m gonna get on a jet and come to your doorstep along with other fans in the area at a convenient time and a convenient place and I’m going to hand deliver The Vault to you,” Gene explained.

“I never said [it] was $50,000. I’ll say it again: The Vault costs two grand. You get your Vault for two grand and then I fly on a jet and I go to see you. There are other things you can do, like a Gene Simmons party at your home, or you can go to the studio and be a producer. But anyone off the street, you get yourself a box set for two grand and I fly in and I hand deliver it.”

Gene Simmons seemed bothered by the perception that he is charging $50,000 to hand deliver The Vault to his fans. The KISS star can be heard in the interview talking to his rep about the story, saying something needs to be done about it now.

According to the official website for Gene Simmons The Vault, The Vault Home Experience will net the buyer two hours with Gene in their home with up to 25 friends, where the rock legend will pose for pictures, sign autographs, perform songs and indulge in a Q&A. The site also states that Simmons will hand deliver The Vault to the buyer. The price is listed at $50,000.

But, as Simmons has now explained, that doesn’t mean a Gene Simmons fan has to pay $50,000 to meet the rocker. According to Ultimate Classic Rock, Simmons career-spanning new collection can be obtained at one of the 21 upcoming The Vault experiences that will take place in major cities all over the world. For $2,000, fans will get a personalized and autographed copy of the box set, as well as a Q&A session, one-on-one photo, and hang time with Simmons himself.

Gene Simmons took to Twitter to clarify the misunderstanding about his Vault box set, explaining that it will be hand delivered to anyone who buys it, even at the $2000 price. Simmons also reminded fans that only a few thousand sets of The Vault will be issued.

In addition to his Vault talk, during his Domenick Nati Show interview, the 68-year-old Gene Simmons: Family Jewels star revealed that he has no future plans for reality TV and will not be preserving his tongue when he dies.

You can listen to Gene Simmons’ interview on the Domenick Nati Show below.

[Featured Image by Michael B. Thomas/Getty Images]