iTech Solar Bluetooth Headset Wants You To Go Green

Personally I have never seen the appeal of Bluetooth headsets, largely because I always forget to charge them, then I’m left with a plug in my ear that does me absolutely no good. Now I can jump that hurdle with the iTech Dynamic SolarVoice 908 Bluetooth Headset and I can take advantage of this new offering for a very respectable price.

At $75 the solar device is fairly cheap given what it offers, of course the whole issue of sound quality (iTech has included integrated noise cancellation) and comfort design still needs to be examined more closely. However the unit is A2DP compliant and can hold a charge talk time of 5 hours when fully exposed to the sun for enough time (still no word on how long that is).

If you’d prefer to “plug and play” the headset does offer AC and USB charging abilities, perhaps a great option for our readers in Europe who get about half a day of sun per year.

Either way it’s a simple design that actually makes a lot of sense, now if only I can remember where I leave my headsets I may be ready to convert. [Pocket-Lint]