Jenelle Evans Had Twitter Meltdown Against Mom Amid Custody Battle And Claims Of Child Abuse And Drug Use

Jenelle Evans went on a Twitter tirade Thursday accusing her mom Barbara of revealing her dirty secrets to ex Nathan Griffith’s mom, Doris Davidson, who is seeking emergency custody of her three-year-old son Kaiser. Evans has since deleted most of the tweets, but we have them here for your perusal, courtesy of Hollywood Life.

Going by the deleted tweets, it appears that Evans lashed out at her mother for telling Radar Online that she underwent CPS investigation for allegedly testing positive for THC, the active ingredient in marijuana, and passing it along to her daughter Ensley when she gave birth in January 2017. Doris is now using this information in seeking custody of Jenelle Evans’s son, according to court papers obtained by the site.

Davidson also included serious allegations of child abuse and neglect in the court papers she filed, claiming that Evans’ fiance, David, beat Kaiser and that the couple locked her kids out of the house for hours on a particularly hot day.

Meanwhile, Barbara was enraged at her daughter Jenelle for pinning the blame on her for Doris’s child abuse allegations.

“She’s always saying everything is my fault,” she said. “They never believe her. It always bounces back on her. It is always about her.”

All of it — the child abuse and drug use allegations, the custody battle — must have been too much for Jenelle Evans to handle, causing her to finally snap, hence the series of angry tweets. She, however, deleted most of them before long.

“‘You aren’t doing good’ well damn for people trying to take my kids away I’m doing a damn good job preventing that.????

“Oh let’s not care to mention how you guys call CPS so many times they even have a copy of my book now and love to visit so thanks!????????????

“Yes, CPS has been here and case closed every time. There’s a lot they are concerned about with the OTHER parent. This is why it was a ‘race’ to court. My son was not being treated right on his visits so when I expressed that… it was a race to court. We are handling this

“The best way we can as a family. David is the best thing that’s ever happened to me and my mother can’t seem to get over that… she going to tell you all EVERYTHING she can that’s bad in any way about David to ruin his reputation becuz [sic] I completely cut her out so she’s lashing back at me by posting articles and selling stories about her own daughter because it’s a scream and cry for attention but I don’t care.????????

“Now she’s going to also bring up evidence of the past that would have been used against me in court and giving all the info to my ex’s mom. She doesn’t have a damn thing to do with my kids either… she knows nothing about my life and hasn’t visited since MARCH! Doesn’t ask????

“And I will share to all my fans that I’ve been extremely depressed and upset. Please just let me be at this time.

“Just let me be happy.”

Another Twitter user then tweeted her, saying “David is weird though and seems like he has some issues,” to which Evans responded with, “Doesn’t EVERYONE have issues?!”

It’s not exactly clear what Jenelle Evans meant when she tweeted that it was “a race to court” with Doris. And going by her tweets, it’s fair to assume that Child Protection Services has already conducted a preliminary investigation on the allegations against her indicated in the court documents filed by Nathan’s mother. What’s more, Evans seems confident that she is going to win her custody battle over her son Kaiser. Plus, there’s also the matter of the “OTHER parent” she briefly mentioned in her series of tweets, which clearly suggest that Nathan Griffith was the abusive parent, not her.

The next few weeks will be most interesting for Teen Mom 2 fans on account of the fact that Evans and her fiance David Eason are about to get married next month.

Do you believe Jenelle Evans is about to lose custody of her son Kaiser? Share your thoughts below.

[Featured Image by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images]