‘BB19’ Juror Raven Walton Refers To Herself And Matt As Puppet Masters In The Game With Paul

Big Brother 19 fans have watched Raven Walton all summer in the game. Tonight’s episode showed her arrival at the jury house. As she has a tendency to do, she made her role in the game sound more important than it was.

Raven Walton feels that she had an excellent social game. It is all she had because there were no wins for her all season. Raven bragged to the jury members that she and Matt were in an alliance with Paul all summer and had been an integral part of pulling off the plans. Elena outright laughed at Raven as the other members of the jury, with the exception of Cody, all claimed to be in an alliance with Paul as well. Raven still stood firm and insisted theirs was real because she knew about all of Paul’s fake alliances.

Part of the reason this is so humorous to Big Brother 19 fans, as well as jury members, is that Raven has pushed the limits with so many things over the summer. She has claimed to be terminally ill, crazy side effects that are possible with her pacemaker such as imploding if she goes more than 10 feet underwater, and some very bizarre stories of her mother. Everyone is on to her and the former houseguests had a discussion about her tall tales while still in the Big Brother 19 house.


The jury will be greeting Kevin tomorrow. After his eviction he was a perfect gentleman and showed some great sportsmanship. Kevin showed no resentment at all. If he takes that attitude into the jury house, it may be the calming factor they need as they prepare to meet with Dr. Will Kirby. In the clip tonight from the jury house, it is easy to see that there is a lot of resentment towards Paul now that they have had time to talk and compare notes. With the exception of Raven and maybe Matt, each sees how they were used by Paul to benefit his own game, showing no loyalty to anyone.


Do you think it is possible for Paul to get enough jury votes to win BB19? Who do you think will be the final two? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

[Featured Image by Bill Inoshita/CBS]