Resistance In ‘The Division’ Is A Horde Mode With Infinite Waves And The Rarest Items As Potential Rewards

Resistance Caches are earned every five or ten waves

When the 1.8 patch for Tom Clancy’s The Division goes live, players will find several new ways to play the third-person shooter in both PvE and PvP. The free update will include a new area, the new Resistance mode, Skirmish matches, Dark Zone updates, and much more. In the latest state of the game address, developers of the game talked at length about the new PvE Resistance mode.

Resistance in The Division is a wave-based horde mode meant to test players in structured and random PvE encounters. In 1.8, all of the factions of the game are working together to take agents down. For instance, players will definitely see Cleaners working with LMB in this mode, creating some unique challenges. Although infinite, waves in Resistance are divided into five-wave sections. The first five waves are considerably easier than future waves, as explained on the official site. The first five waves are comparable to enemies found in hard difficulty encounters elsewhere in the game.

Every third wave, players will need to complete an objective of some sort. These objectives often require agents of The Division to move to a different location and complete a task. Every fifth wave, a boss unit will need to be eliminated. In Resistance, players will battle many of the games enemies including named bosses from missions. As noted in the game address on Twitch, every fifth wave features a boss and bosses defeated in Resistance still have a chance to drop their special items, too.

Resistance mode in The Division offers classified set pieces and exotics as rewards

If all agents die or they fail to complete a timed objective, the Resistance session ends. Players can revive each other, but this requires at least one agent available to do so. Teams in The Division can increase their chances of survival by collecting tech currency and spending it on defenses around the map. Pulse stations, turrets, support stations, and more are available to aid agents.

Rewards for Resistance include Resistance Caches. Based on the tier completed, rewards improve and eventually include exotic items and classified gear. The fifth tier is the highest and this tier is unlocked after a session hits wave 50. Upon reaching level 15, the endless wave difficulty, which is harder than legendary difficulty, kicks in and random foes will begin to appear.

The Division Resistance mode and 1.8 details

As the Inquisitr reported, the upcoming Resistance mode will scale to party size. Players can complete sessions solo, in small groups, or in full parties to earn these rewards. The horde mode and other features of the 1.8 for The Division will be available on the test server starting September 26.

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