‘NCIS’ Season 15: Mark Harmon May Have Just Given The Reason Why He’s Sticking Around Amid Exit Rumors

NCIS fans are pretty excited about the premiere of Season 15 on September 26, which will explain more about what went on after the fallout in Paraguay that made Gibbs (Mark Harmon) and McGee (Sean Murray) prisoners of rebels. Most fans of the TV series have seen Gibbs and McGee in bad condition after being beaten up by their captives. This led some to question Gibb’s fate, especially since rumors of his exit from the show have become rampant.

For several months, Harmon’s participation in the future seasons has been questioned due to his reported failing health. There were wild rumors about NCIS getting canceled because Mark would be leaving after Season 14. Apparently, none of these reports are true, and Harmon is very much part of NCIS, and he may have somewhat given the reason why he’s sticking around.

During an appearance with his new co-star, Maria Bello, on The Talk, Mark Harmon shared a story about his father, who happens to be a real-life war hero. As Harmon said, his father went down twice during the war. On the first time Mark’s father got injured, he got to keep his parachute, which the actor’s grandmother made into a wedding dress for his mother.

Maria Bello is the newcomer on NCIS Season 15
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Bello added that making dresses out of parachutes was a thing back in the World War II, and she had seen one in a vintage store. The 50-year-old actress explained that it was a thing back in World War II that war heroes would return with their parachutes and women would make dresses out of them.

Harmon sharing the story of his father only shows how proud he is of his old man. According to CarterMatt, this is most likely why Mark Harmon intends to continue being part of the “world’s No. 1 TV series.” After all, he is a son of a WWII hero, and by playing the role of Gibbs, he is somewhat honoring the family legacy, the publication continued.

Mark Harmon has been rumored to make an exit from NCIS.
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Meanwhile, Harmon also explained a bit of what’s happened to his and Murray’s character in NCIS Season 15. It’s been established that the two are still in Paraguay once the show returns. Harmon said that Gibbs and McGee are still waiting for rescue and admitted that they had a rough time over the couple of months they’re held captive. As previously reported, Gibbs will also become a bit of a changed man as a result of being under the control of rebels.

Watch Mark Harmon and Maria Bello on The Talk in the video below.

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