Melania Trump Slips On Gloves As Trump Struggles With A ‘Too Small’ Complaint

Donald And Melania Trump Tour Florida in Aftermath of Hurricane Irma

Everything that Melania Trump wore on her trip to the hurricane-ravished Florida today was described in color, texture, and price, except for the pair of gloves she donned while standing side-by-side with her husband, who also attempted to throw on a pair of the same type of gloves. Actually, there were several people donning the same style of gloves as Melania, but it wasn’t a fashion statement they were making.

It appears as if Melania and Donald were each given a special pair of white gloves to wear. Glimpses of the other workers who were caught on camera showed they were wearing the gloves that were a sky-blue hue, much like medical staff wear, as seen in the Daily Mail.

It seems Donald Trump had one complaint about the gloves: “they’re too small,” he complained as he struggled to get them on, reports the Daily KOS. It was during this trip that Donald and Melania Trump got to hand out “disaster hoagies,” which is how the Daily KOS refers to the lunch prepared for people in a trailer park.

For some reason, it seems that a lot of attention was paid to these gloves today, as the New York Post describes Trump wearing his white gloves while passing out lunch. Since Trump was donning the gloves, it would appear he won that struggle, despite being “too small.” The New York Post calls Trump the “Feeder-in-Chief” today as he handed out lunch with both Melania and Mike Pence by his side. Mike Pence appeared to man the station holding the bananas with Melania in front of the bottled water and Trump passing out the subs.

Donald Trump and Melania joined the food line and handed out nourishment to the hurricane victims who wanted lunch, according to the Daily Mail. The couple landed in one of the many areas torn apart as Irma blew through last weekend. They touched down in Fort Myers after they departed from Washington, D.C., this morning.

As with her previous trips with her husband touring hurricane-ravaged Texas, Melania looked elegant when boarding Air Force One on her way to view the aftermath of the wrath of Irma. She did not look like a woman ready to tour an area of devastation, but that would soon change. Today, just like what happened during the previous trips, Melania changed into comfortable clothes and sneakers, sporting a baseball-type cap and sunglasses. She did this in-flight from point A to point B.

One thing that was noted by many of the media sites today is that Melania didn’t board Air Force One wearing heels. She had on a pair of ballerina-like flats, but these weren’t part of her outfit when stepping off the plane in Florida. She had on a $50 pair of white Converse sneakers, according to the Daily Mail. Melania was mocked for wearing stiletto heels when boarding the plane for her first trip to Texas in the wake of Hurricane Harvey.

She was slammed online, but when she stepped off the plane, she had on her walking clothes and shoes. Boarding Air Force One for her second trip to Texas, she had on a pair of snakeskin stilettos, but the mocking wasn’t as prevalent because she had changed once again. By now the president and first lady have a ritual for visiting storm-ravished areas. She steps off the plane in a different ensemble than she stepped on the plane wearing, while Donald Trump remains dressed the same from start to finish.

Melania, who has been praised for having an eye for photography, filmed a short clip of the devastation on the ground in Naples, Florida, as they made their way in the president’s helicopter. She posted this clip to Twitter. President Trump can be heard talking in the background, according to AOL News. The clip posted below.

[Featured Image by Evan Vucci/AP Images]