Estranged Husband, Spencer Hight, Kills Wife And 7 Others At Viewing Party, ‘He Wasn’t Moving On And She Was’

A deadly mass shooting at a Dallas Cowboys viewing party rocked the normally quiet and peaceful city of Plano, Texas, on Sunday night. That’s when, according to police, 32-year-old Spencer Hight stormed the home he once shared with his estranged wife, 27-year-old Meredith Hight, opened fire and killed eight people, including his estranged spouse. When police arrived, two shooting victims were still alive, but one later died at a local hospital.

In addition to Meredith Hight, People reports that the victims of Spencer Hight’s shooting spree have been identified as 33-year-old Michael Cross, 24-year-old Olivia Deffner, 29-year-old James Dunlop, 22-year-old Darryl Hawkins, 31-year-old Rion Morgan, 28-year-old Myah Bass, and 25-year-old Caleb Edwards.

Spencer Hight also died in Sunday night’s mass shooting. As Heavy reports, the alleged gunman behind the deadliest mass shooting in Plano’s history was shot dead by police responding to the scene of his rampage. According to Plano Police Chief Gregory Rushin, the mass shooting was bigger in magnitude than any that has ever faced the city in the past.

“We’ve never had a shooting of this magnitude. We’re one of the safest cities in the country. It’s just a terrible event, and our hearts go out to the families and loved ones.”

Meredith Hight was reportedly hosting a Dallas Cowboys viewing party at the Plano home she’d once shared with her estranged husband, Spencer, at the time of the deadly mass shooting. According to investigators, Spencer Hight hadn’t lived in the residence since March of this year. Police added that all shooting victims were found either in the backyard or inside of the house. Fortunately, no children were involved in the deadly incident.

Meredith and Spencer Hight had been married since 2012, but according to her family, the couple’s relationship “began to deteriorate” roughly two years ago, at about the same time they purchased the house where Sunday’s shooting occurred. While Spencer Hight moved out of the couple’s home in March, Meredith didn’t take the final step in dissolving their union until July. That’s when investigators say the wife officially filed for a divorce from Spencer Hight.

Debbie Lane, Meredith Hight’s mother, says that her daughter was looking forward to her new life free from her husband. Indeed, Sunday’s party was supposed to have been a celebration of her liberation. Her favorite team, the Atlanta Falcons, were playing in the afternoon. The Dallas Cowboys later that evening.

Sunday’s party was such a big deal to Meredith that her mother came into town from Georgia to help decorate, and Lane hasn’t minced words when it comes to the true purpose behind her daughter’s festivities.

“Getting things ready for her to celebrate her newly reclaimed single life … that’s what that party was about. It was officially ‘out with the old and in with the new.’ It was her reclaiming her life, and she was thrilled to be doing that. It was the happiest she’d been in years. Years.”

It was precisely that happiness that Debbie Lane believes sent Spencer Hight over the edge on Sunday. Apparently, the soon-to-be ex-husband had recently been to the home to collect the last of his personal items, and bore witness to Meredith’s happiness up close.

“I think he saw our comfort, ease, and happiness … and her [Meredith] embracing new life, and resented it to the maximum and responded the way he did. He was not moving on. And she was.”

According to Lane, Spencer Hight had gotten physically violent with her daughter in the past, including slamming her face into a wall. The grieving mother also claims that Spencer had a drinking problem, leading to severe issues in the couple’s marriage.

The Plano Police Department responded to reports of gunfire at Meredith Hight’s home at about 8 p.m. on Sunday. When the first officer arrived, he found two bodies in the backyard. When he entered the home where more victims were discovered, and Spencer Hight was reportedly still shooting. That’s when he was taken down by police.

“The officer found the suspect inside and ended his shooting spree.”

Many of the shooting victims were not just friends of Meredith, but had been close to both her and Spencer Hight throughout their relationship. James Dunlop had reportedly been the best man at their wedding, and had even offered Spencer a place to stay when his marriage fell apart.

Police are still investigating Sunday’s mass shooting, but they feel confident that Spencer Hight acted alone when he shot and killed his estranged wife and seven others in the largest mass shooting in Plano history.

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