Grammer Divorce Settled: Kelsey And Camille End Court Battle

Kelsey and Camille Grammer are officially divorced. The two reached a financial agreement earlier this week and have now finally signed the papers to end their contentious court battle.

The couple filed for divorce back in July, 2010 and have been battling in court since the divorce was finalized in February, 2011. Kelsey and Camille were arguing over money, custody and property issues. The couple reportedly has $60 million in assets, including 3 homes.

According to TMZ, the two have finally reached an agreement and signed papers today to officially (at least legally) end their bickering.

A source said:

“Even though their divorce was granted in February 2011, they had been unable to reach a financial agreement until this time. Camille and Kelsey had a very complicated settlement because of the properties they owned together and various investments.”

The details of the settlement aren’t known but The National Ledger reports that Camille did achieve at least one victory over her famous husband. After the divorce, Kelsey tried to move into the couple’s Beverly Hills mansion. Camille fiercely objected and the couple have now agreed to either sell or lease the house.

In addition to the money and property that was divided up between the couple Kelsey and Camille also have a few children to worry about. Kelsey and Camille will try to co-parent Mason Olivia and Jude Gordon.