NBA Trade Rumors: Phoenix Suns Emerge As Top Candidate For Anthony Davis Amid Uncertainty Over His Future

NBA Trade Rumors: Phoenix Suns Emerge As Top Candidate For Anthony Davis Amid Uncertainty Over His Future

The trade rumors surrounding Anthony Davis continue to heat up, with a new report that the NBA star may be headed to the Phoenix Suns.

The talented big man has been languishing on a New Orleans Pelicans team that has been stuck in the mud the last two seasons, essentially wasting his talent. While there are no concrete reports coming from the team that Davis is unhappy or could be traded, there have been a steady stream of whispers that he won’t remain in New Orleans much longer.

The latest speculation comes from the Fansided blog Valley of the Suns, which noted that the Phoenix Suns could be one of the few teams with the capital necessary to pull off the deal and the desire to get it done.

“In order to get a player like Davis, the Phoenix Suns will have to give up young players with potential, veterans with big money on their contracts, and future draft picks. Luckily the Suns have plenty of each to make a deal the with the Pelicans,” the report noted. “New Orleans will only want a deal like that if they go into full tank mode.”

There have been other rumors about Anthony Davis floating around NBA circles, including speculation that he may become a target of the Boston Celtics. ESPN‘s Zach Lowe wrote in August that the Kyrie Irving trade may have been a prelude to an even bigger deal attracting Davis, noting that the Celtics still have plenty of ammunition to get a deal done.

While Davis said publicly this summer that he his happy in New Orleans, there are whispers that he could be growing tired of the team’s lack of direction. After reaching the playoffs in 2015, the team won just 64 total games in the next two seasons combined and appear to be moving further away from playoff contention in a conference that is only growing more competitive.

That was the time that Davis signed a five-year, $145 million contract extension with the New Orleans Pelicans, but the team’s downward trajectory has led to increasing rumors that Davis may seek a way out through a trade. The Pelicans have shown a desire to compete, however, acquiring DeMarcus Cousins to go alongside Davis.

If the NBA trade rumors surrounding Anthony Davis ever do come to fruition, it likely won’t be anytime soon. The New Orleans Pelicans have given no public indication that they are entertaining a trade, and Davis remains publicly behind the team. But if the team should stumble out of the gate or fall out of contention early, those rumors could start growing louder.

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