Former Nebraska Football Player Still Has Cornhuskers In His Sights

When Keyshawn Johnson Jr. left the Nebraska football team over the summer, there were plenty of fans who were concerned it would be the last time he ever set foot in Lincoln. Some wondered whether the Cornhusker coaches had handled the situation poorly since it seemed a suspension would have been a strict enough response for his marijuana possession. As we now know, the freshman wide receiver’s departure for the Huskers was less about what the team wanted and more about how his father, former NFL great Keyshawn Johnson Sr., felt about the matter.

Senior wanted to make sure that his uber-talented son understood the repercussions of what he had done. In a statement shortly after it was announced Junior had left the program, the father made it clear this was not about egos but about making sure his brood did not sully the good name of Nebraska football.

Despite the positive messages being sent and talk of coming back in 2018, it’s a safe bet some Cornhusker fans feel as though they might have seen the last of Keyshawn Johnson Jr. It does not appear those sentiments are coming from the player himself.

As active as always on social media, the talented wide receiver’s Twitter feed is still full of Nebraska football mentions, pictures, and mad props for former teammates. He’s also still got a tweet that appears to reference eventually rejoining the team, simply captioned “the return.”

Nebraska football's Keyshawn Johnson TD
Keyshawn Johnson and Tristan Gebbia celebrate a Nebraska spring game TD [Image by Nati Harnik/AP Images]

He’s also talked on more than one occasion that he understands he can’t afford any mistakes. It seems as if, for now, he’s taking what his dad has talked about, as far as straightening up and flying right to heart.

Nebraska football is better off with the Johnsons
Keyshawn Johnson Sr. was clear when it comes to Nebraska football [Image by Chuck Burton/AP Images

It was one tweet he sent out earlier this week, though, that should have Nebraska football fans plenty happy. On Monday, Keyshawn Johnson Jr. tweeted out to current 2018 commit Brendan Radley Hiles, otherwise known as “Bookie,” that he would see him next year.

For those who are worried Bookie might be heading to Clemson, it appears Keyshawn Johnson Jr. is even still doing a bit of recruiting for the Nebraska football team.

[Featured Image by Nati Harnik/AP Images]