‘Big Brother 19’ Spoilers: Jessica Bribes Fans For Cody AFP – Paul Wins PoV – Wants Josh For ‘BB19’ F2

Big Brother 19 spoilers show a busy night in and out of the BB19 house, on live feeds, and even on Instagram with an evicted player. The first things to know is that Paul won the PoV comp, according to Big Brother Network, and that puts him in charge of the fate of Kevin and Josh who are side by side on the chopping block. A rumor ran rampant on social media last night that Kevin won the PoV comp, but savvy Big Brother watchers knew that was a lie because he’s not won a comp all season long and his reign as king of the floaters will end tonight at the September 14 live eviction. The final three is locked as Josh, Christmas, and Paul – and voting is now open for America’s Favorite Player (AFP), and Jessica is hard at work.

Jessica tries to bribe fans to vote Cody AFP

Evicted BB19 houseguest Jessica Graf has been a non-stop social media presence since she was kicked to the curb and Cody went to the jury. She’s determined to get the AFP win for him. Jessica has been campaigning for her man for a while now, but with the AFP voting portal open on CBS All Access as of last night, she’s pushing harder for him to score the $25k payday. Her latest attempt is a bribe for fans willing to churn social media support for her Marine. You can see the Instagram video below. The gist is that a friend of Cody’s owned a fidget spinner company and designed a Cody tribute fidget spinner with his name, an American flag, and “no victim noises” emblem on it. Jessica promised that once she and Cody are reunited next week after the eviction, they will choose two fans as fidget spinner winners if the post and share memes supporting Cody for AFP. So far, fan response has been tepid.

Will Jessica propose at the finale? Two proposals coming?

Big Brother 19 spoilers tease Jessica said she would propose to Cody at the BB19 finale and if that is her plan, you can bet that CBS will give her part of the two-hour finale to propose to her man. In Cody’s exit chat with Julie, he said he would marry Jessica, and she’s thrilled and has been talking about it off and on and said she’d drop to one knee. It will be interesting to see if happens that way. It’s been radio silence on Jessica’s claim, as she was evicted, that she could be pregnant with Cody’s baby so maybe she’ll update Cody at the live finale. But there’s also talk of another Big Brother couple that might get engaged at the finale.

Big Brother romance is frequent, but rarely sticks yet BB18‘s Victor Arroyo and Nicole Franzel have been dating for a few months now. Things are serious between them and the duo will be at the BB19 live finale. Engagement rumors are swirling around Nic and Vic as well. Victor shared a photo of them at a friend’s wedding and tagged Nicole as a “future bride, ” and they talked about marriage on a recent Instagram video. Will there be a DE (double engagement) at the finale? In his most recent IG post, Victor hashtagged a pic of him and Nicole with her little dog as “family.”

I love my best friend; @coconuts_ is cute too ???????? #family

A post shared by Victor Arroyo III (@elfitvic) on

F2 schemes could leave Paul in third place

Big Brother 19 spoilers say Paul is sitting pretty so far with the F4 HoH and PoV in his pocket, but Josh could be a fly in the ointment if he’s the one that decides final two rather than Paul or Christmas. On Wednesday’s BB19 episode, fans saw that Josh was crushed when he promised Christmas he’d take her to F2 and she didn’t reciprocate. Christmas is nuts about Paul and will definitely take him to the end, but Paul won’t do the same for her. Paul was cam talking last night and said he plans to take Josh to F2 because he feels he’ll get all the jury votes if he goes with the Meatball. Christmas would take Paul, but Josh would take Christmas.

Christmas headed for heartbreak?

BB19 spoilers predict that depending on the final comps, Christmas might be limited in participation, but the remaining HGs talked about it last night with Paul confident that they would modify the comps so that Christmas could play in all three and have a fair shot. Of course, Paul is hoping that because his chances double with Christmas playing to keep him. A few days ago, Josh talked to Paul about his cuddling with Christmas. Paul said it’s more for Christmas than him and said he’s thinking about “his girl” so it sounds like he has someone back home. There’s also the age factor – Christmas is more than a decade older than Paul who’s never shown interest in a Big Brother showmance.

With less than a week left in Big Brother, Paul can’t take a break if he wants to make it to F2 but he’s got a 2:3 shot at it, so his odds are better than those of Josh or Christmas. If you want to vote for AFP, you must have a CBS All Access account to vote. With BB19 shutting down soon, that’s the end of a Big Brother season where the show was predictable, the HGs were grosser than usual, and the most interesting things were a drawer full of condoms and weekly sessions in the BB house and among fans on social media of the Raven Exposed Party. Check back soon for more Big Brother 19 spoilers and news.

[Featured Image by Johnny Vy/CBS]