‘Big Brother 19’: Alex Ow Slams ‘Selfish’ Paul Abrahamian After Blindside, Reveals Her Biggest Regret In Game

Big Brother fans saw a new side of Alex Ow after she realized she was getting evicted from the game under her former ally Paul Abrahamian’s watch. Now, in a post-eviction interview with Entertainment Weekly, Alex is speaking out on Paul’s betrayal, saying she completely blames the returning BB18 veteran for her eviction even though Josh Martinez cast the deciding vote to send her packing from the Big Brother game.

“100% Paul is responsible for my eviction,” Alex told EW.

“He’s been manipulating the game since day 1. He’s the one person that could have saved me and he chose to send me home. He knows it too.”

Alex revealed she is just now realizing that Paul had a huge part in sending her ride-or-die, Jason Dent, home last week. Ow admitted she understood why Paul Abrahamian saw the need to split her and Jason up, but in hindsight, she wishes she had struck back at Paul immediately after Jason’s eviction. Alex won Head of Household minutes after Jason was sent home during the live double eviction episode, and she put Raven Walton and Kevin Schlehuber on the block. Walton was ultimately evicted from the Big Brother game.

“The one thing I would take back, knowing what I know now, would be to take out Paul instead of Raven,” Alex revealed.

Alex also admitted that she regrets throwing so many competitions under Paul’s direction.

“For the BB comics, I was walking during it because I wanted Paul to win it so we can take it to the end,” Ow said.

“I wish I would have run. Had I known he would have screwed me, I would have tried a lot harder and a lot faster. I probably would have won HOH next and then won Big Brother. I also wouldn’t have thrown the Me, Myself & I competition. I would have taken Jason off.”

While Jason was her main alliance, Alex Ow was devoted to Paul Abrahamian all season long and was stunned when he opted not to use the Power of Veto on her earlier this week. Paul tried to explain to Alex why he couldn’t save her, but his explanation fell on deaf ears. When he initially tried to approach her after the Veto meeting, Alex called Paul “selfish” and said she didn’t want to hear anything from him. Abrahamian sheepishly walked out after Alex Ow told him to leave the room.You can see Paul trying to grovel to Alex while she is praying the rosary in the video below.

Alex Ow is clearly hurt by Paul Abrahamian’s “shady” game. Alex was stunned that her ally turned against her, even though he claims he tried not to blindside her. Paul explained that he had to sacrifice Alex so he doesn’t land in second place like he did last season on Big Brother. In the end, it will be interesting to see if Alex Ow votes for Paul Abrahamian to win the Big Brother $500,000 grand prize if he makes it to the final two, which is an almost inevitable scenario. Jason Dent has already been vocal about the fact that he will vote for anyone to win except for Paul.

The Big Brother 19 finale airs Wednesday, Sept. 20 on CBS.

[Featured Image by Johnny Vy/CBS]