‘General Hospital’ Spoilers And Casting News: Could Nelle’s Dead Fiancé Return? How Zackary Grant Fits In

General Hospital spoilers reveal that a handsome, dynamic man is about to make his entrance to Port Charles. The latest buzz is around a recent casting call for a Caucasian male “Joe.” This handsome and dynamic man has a knack for landing in trouble but his charming banter always gets him out of tricky situations. Although some GH fans believe that “Joe” is actually Morgan (Bryan Craig), there have been other casting calls for roles more similar to Morgan’s profile. All the signs seem to point to the fact that “Joe” is a new General Hospital character, about to add some drama to the city of PC.

Don’t be misled by the name Joe, as names are usually changed by the time the character appears on screen. Who could this mysterious stranger be? Obviously, there must be a driving force as to why he arrives in Port Charles. More importantly, there must be someone pretty significant that he is connected to. General Hospital spoilers via Celeb Dirty Laundry state that trouble is headed Nelle (Chloe Lanier) and Michael’s (Chad Duell) way. The couple will try to get over Nelle’s latest deception, but what if there are more shockers ahead? Is there a possibility that Nelle’s fiancé is not dead after all?

Well, it seems as if there is a possibility that Zackary Grant faked his death according to the latest spoilers. General Hospital viewers know Nelle well enough to know that she would have even helped him do it. Zack could have struggled with his interfering family and wanted a clean slate, with no familial issues to deal with. It would certainly explain why Zack signed his estate over to Nelle so far in advance.

But having Zack in Port Charles would bring new drama for Nelle. Nelle would have to admit that she lied yet again to Michael. Yes, it would clear her name but how many times can Michael forgive Nelle’s dishonesty, especially when it seems to be an inherent part of her makeup? Of course, spoilers suggest there is also always the possibility of a love triangle with Zack trying to win Nelle’s heart once again.

General Hospital spoilers also state that “Joe” could even be a love interest for Kiki (Hayley Erin). Now that Robert Palmer Watkins (Dillon) is finishing up his contract on the ABC soap, the new character could be someone who catches her eye and helps her move on. The reappearance of Zack could certainly tie up some loose ends as far as Nelle is concerned and cause enough friction and drama to keep viewers riveted. What do you think of the possibility that Nelle’s fiancé may be coming back?

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