Bella Thorne Bites Back At Body-Shamers After Raunchy Photo Goes Viral Online

Bella Thorne speaks up against body-shamers after her recent all-pink fashion statement was criticized for being a bit to revealing.

The 19-year-old former Disney star is now pushing back against haters who make fun and decry her choice of clothing as she takes to Twitter to complain about a photo shared on social media that showed the bottom part of her breasts accidentally.

On Tuesday, Thorne tried out a new mix of clothing for the New York Fashion Week composed of an all-pink ensemble that showed a little bit of the bottom part of her breasts.

According to Cosmopolitan, the singer-actress “rocked” the all-pink cropped sweater, trousers and knee-high boots. The outlet also described her body jewelry that matches her pink ombre hair and makeup to be “cute.”

At the time, Bella Thorne was attending the Rochambeau fashion show as part of the New York Fashion Week and showed off her new style to paparazzi nearby, posing for pictures that flaunted her best angles.

Unfortunately, not all photos taken of her at the time were as flattering as she hoped as Perez Hilton shared one from the same day which showed a little more than an underboob on his personal Instagram page.

However, what made fans of the singer-actress furious was the caption the American blogger and TV personality added to it. Check it out.

At first glance, the caption seemed harmless but Bella’s supporters think it was a lure for body-shamers.

“You posted a picture of @bellathorne with a fill in the blank because you knew people would body and sl** shame her. Same thing,” Twitter user Kaylee accused the blogger.

Kaylee also believes that Hilton has a habit of disguising his insults and body-shaming antics about celebrities like Bella Thorne as “opinions.”

On top of that, Bella herself believes that what Perez did was downright “rude” considering that it was a stolen image, calling him out for igniting haters to “pick on” her.

Bella Thorne’s fans also came to her defense, most of whom did “fill in the blanks” with positive descriptions of the popular celebrity.

“Bella is beautiful, comfortable in her own skin, and 100 times less likely than y’all to hate on people for their bodies. Bella is human. And doesn’t deserve to have people like you opening up the doorway to judgment. She’s open to that everyday as it is.. what we need in this world are more people like Bella and less people like you,” Instagram user zenmegs commented on the photo.

At some point, Perez Hilton did apologize for his post but later admitted that he would do it again.

She also criticized the blogger’s decision to use a sexy image of another Disney talent, Ariel Winter, while promoting his podcast in Instagram.

Ultimately, the Shake It Up star wished that no other girl experiences what she did after the image was posted, especially not to Hilton’s daughter.

Do you think Perez Hilton sharing Bella Thorne’s raunchy photo is inappropriate? Share your thoughts via the comments below.

[Featured Image by Nicholas Hunt/Getty Images For NYFW: The Shows]