North Korea’s First Video Game Constantly Critiques The Gamer’s Driving Abilities

The main rule of North Korea’s first video game is simple: You can’t drive as good as the Dear Leader. Video game programmers in North Korea have created the first ever driving game in the country’s history, and it’s essentially an awful version of Crazy Taxi.

The game is titled Welcome To Pyongyang and was produced by Nosotek, a western IT company that is based out of North Korea.

In reviewing the game, Business Insider’s Gus Lubin called it boring and lame.

The game is so boring that it led BGR to joke:

“In reality, though, it looks as though playing a driving game set in North Korea is about as much fun as actually living in North Korea.”

The premise of the game is simple: Drive around Pyongyang and check out all the tourist attractions the city has to offer. The game, however, is extremely authoritarian in nature. For example, if you run someone over or hit a parking meter, you are given a lecture.

The game could have been fun if you had to elude authorities and maybe escape from North Korea to save your life. Instead, a meter maid appears by your vehicle and lectures you to stop your bad driving habits.

Of course, there really is no way to make good video games in a country where the Dear Leader has the final say on everything. I don’t see a time when leadership will want people to feel like heroes in a country where subservient behavior is celebrated as the norm.