Jason Aldean Deals With Controversy Over Employee Blasting Him For Lack Of Tip

Jason Aldean simply made a $500 burrito order, but because of this, an employee got fired. Jason and his crew actually ordered 60 burritos and a quesadilla last week at Black Sheep Burrito & Brews in West Virginia while on tour. This was near the venue that they were performing at that week. They didn’t go into the business, but instead they just simply ordered the items. TMZ shared what went down with Jason Aldean and how one of the employees at Black Sheep Burrito & Brews ended up getting fired over it.

The worker went to Twitter upset and shared that Jason Aldean left a crappy tip. It was one that he didn’t think was up to par, but you have to remember that he didn’t even wait on them at a table, they just picked up the order. The employee was so upset about it that he went to Twitter and told Jason Aldean his thoughts. Of course, Jason didn’t respond and so far he isn’t saying anything at all about this incident. Jason never even made contact with the employee at all so it is a bit confusing on what the guy thought he should be tipping them so well for.

It turns out that another employee told management all about the tweet that was sent out about Jason Aldean. A manager explained that he got fired because tweeting about a customer is against the company policy. Jason’s rep did confirm that they ordered from there and said that Jason left an “appropriate tip.” He didn’t explain how much that was, though. Jason Aldean is staying quiet about it all, which is probably smart on his part.

Right now, Jason Aldean is staying busy while out on tour. He has Chris Young and Kane Brown on the tour with him. Jason is also expecting a son with his wife Brittany Kerr. It looks like he is going to just go on with his life and avoid the drama on this one.

Are you shocked an employee got fired over tweeting about Jason Aldean’s lack of a tip? Do you feel like he deserved to be fired? Sound off in the comments below on your thoughts about Jason.

[Featured Image by Theo Wargo/Getty Images]