New ‘Dragon Age’ Game In Development Could Be A Spin-Off Instead Of ‘Dragon Age 4’

In the past few months, BioWare has confirmed multiple times that work has begun on an unannounced Dragon Age project. While the team openly admits that a new Dragon Age title is indeed in the works, the studio has made it perfectly clear that the game won’t necessarily be Dragon Age 4 as many have assumed.

Speaking about the project recently, Dragon Age creative director Mike Laidlaw revealed that the next Dragon Age game might not be a direct continuation of the franchise. Laidlaw stated that the new title won’t possibly be connected to the existing titles. “There is a ‘Dragon Age‘ project happening. It is not confirmed as the fourth main game in the series.”

BioWare’s reluctance to confirm whether the upcoming title will actually be Dragon Age 4 or not hints that the developer could be working on a spin-off adventure set within the Dragon Age universe. This wouldn’t be too surprising considering BioWare has previously expressed an interest in creating offshoots of their popular franchises, including Dragon Age and Mass Effect.

It isn’t exactly clear how much the new Dragon Age project would have to depart from the previous titles to not be considered part of the main story since each new Dragon Age game already takes place in a new region of Thedas and introduces fans to an entirely new protagonist. Prior to the release of Dragon Age: Inquisition, there were rumors that BioWare wanted to create a multiplayer-focused Dragon Age spin-off, suggesting that the developer could be open to the idea of introducing the Dragon Age series to different video game genres.

Players had to work together in Dragon Age Inquisition's multiplayer mode

Regardless of what the new Dragon Age project might be, BioWare has likely already carefully planned the story. The developer tends to lay out the plan of each new title years in advance since they are known for their intricate story arcs that can adapt to player choices.

In order to make sure that the narrative continues in each game without plot holes and contradictions, BioWare likes to plan future titles well ahead of time. As the Inquisitr previously reported, series director Mike Laidlaw recently revealed that they already have an outline in mind for what might happen in the next two Dragon Age titles.

Each dragon fight in Dragon Age Inquisition had its own location and tactics

Regardless of what the new Dragon Age project might entail, it is clear that BioWare is committed to supporting the fantasy franchise for years to come.

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