GFW Impact Wrestling Reveals Alberto El Patron’s Future With Company

GFW Impact Wrestling suspended Alberto El Patron after an incident with his fiance Paige at an airport resulted in domestic abuse charges. Despite the charges being filed against Paige, GFW still suspended Patron while they investigated the case. Rumor has it that the wrestling side with Jeff Jarrett was against the suspension and the business side with Anthem Sports was considering releasing Alberto from the company.

GFW Impact Wrestling Conference Call

While that seems interesting considering the “good old boy” attitude of wrestling promoters like Jeff Jarrett and Dutch Mantel, it might not be true after all. Last week, GFW Impact Wrestling announced that Jeff Jarrett was leaving the company indefinitely to deal with personal issues.

The very first conference call for GFW Impact Wrestling since Jeff Jarrett left came on Tuesday with creative team members Scott D’Amore, Sonjay Dutt, and John Guburick. The first thing that was made clear to reporters was that no Jeff Jarrett questions would be answered.

However, the GFW Impact Wrestling team members had a bombshell to drop that completely moved the subject away from Jeff Jarrett and the reason he has left the company. John Guburick answered a question about the return of Alberto El Patron to the company.

GFW Impact Wrestling Reveals Alberto El Patron's Future With Company
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Alberto El Patron’s GFW Return

John Guburick said that Alberto El Patron is coming back to GFW Impact Wrestling and his suspension is coming to an end. Guburick stated that GFW has big plans for Patron and that the former GFW World Champion would return at the Bound for Glory pay-per-view.

The Alberto El Patron at Bound for Glory was already rumored and it was initially reported to have Patron battle Jeff Jarrett at the event. It appears that, while Jarrett is gone from the company until further notice, Patron is still coming back.

Before his suspension, Alberto El Patron was involved in an angle with LAX, where they were trying to recruit him to join them, and he was not willing to make that move. There is a chance that El Patron could either move back into an angle with them or move on to a feud with new GFW World Champion Eli Drake.

There is also a chance that Alberto El Patron could move into the angle with GFW Impact Wrestling feuding with the AAA wrestling promotion from Mexico.

GFW Impact Wrestling Reveals Alberto El Patron's Future With Company
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The GFW Impact Wrestling conference call also had some discussions about the possible signing of Rey Mysterio. When Alberto El Patron was suspended, GFW allegedly started speaking to Mysterio about joining them to represent their Mexican fans. According to Guburick, they never came to an agreement with Rey but he didn’t close the door on the future.

As for Jeff Jarrett, the trio of bookers said that they were going to continue, even if they don’t use the GFW title that Jeff Jarrett still owns. There is also a WWE Network-styled online service that will start possibly later this year with past shows and pay-per-views.

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