North Carolina McDonald's Drive-Thru Worker Fired After Asking Customer To 'Spell Deportation' [Video]

A McDonald's customer in Charlotte, North Carolina, filmed an argument with a drive-thru worker, and the mobile phone footage has gone viral after it was initially uploaded to Facebook.

During the disagreement, the McDonald's employee repeatedly said the name "Donald Trump" and asked the customer if she could spell the word "deportation" when the customer didn't immediately exit the drive-thru lane. The worker is now an ex-employee of McDonald's.

Apparently, the dispute may have involved a request for some extra ketchup with the fast-food order. The customer, Wendy Rios, wrote underneath the video in the Facebook posting that she "felt assaulted" by the encounter which apparently started prior to the point where she pressed the record button on her cell phone to have proof to accompany a complaint to McDonald's. The video is embedded below.

"Rios was apparently targeted based on her appearance and accent," Fox46 in Charlotte reported. The female worker, wearing a green shirt, appears to give the customer the finger at the beginning of the video. She also drops an F-bomb during the back and forth.

A much more polite worker subsequently comes to the window and indicates that Rios is welcome to file a complaint with the McDonald's corporation, but that the store needs to serve the other customers who are waiting at the drive-thru behind Rios' vehicle.

According to NBC affiliate WCNC, the store owner issued a statement of apology about the incident.
"The actions of this employee are inexcusable and in no way reflect the strong values McDonald's and my organization place on diversity, inclusion and providing a welcoming experience for our customers. This individual is no longer employed at my restaurant and we have expressed our sincerest apologies to the customer for this situation."
McDonald's has also reached out to Rios by phone to apologize, but she suggested that wasn't enough. The owner apparently plans to meet with her in person in the coming days.

Rios told NBC affiliate WECT that she teaches her children to treat others the way they want to be treated and that perhaps the McDonald's worker was under stress that particular day.

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Watch the video of the McDonald's "spell deportation" confrontation below along with a follow-up local news report that includes an interview with Wendy Rios about what happened.

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