Lisa Kauffman Backlash: Lawyer Allegedly Blames 13-Year-Old Rape Victim, Calls Victims ‘Temptresses’

Attorney Lisa Kauffman has found herself in hot water on social media for words being attributed to the defense lawyer that claim Kauffman allegedly called young sexual assault victims “temptresses.” According to the Missoulian article titled “‘Temptress?’ – Defense attorney questions 13-year-old victim’s role in Missoula sex assault,” Lisa reportedly made the comments outside the courtroom, during a period when she defended 26-year-old Justin Griffith, who was sentenced for the sexual assault of the 13-year-old, a patient at Western Montana Addiction Services. Kauffman’s comments are being deemed “victim blaming,” and Lisa is backing away from the “temptresses” comments being attributed to the lawyer.

According to ABC Fox Montana, the article received plenty of attention on social media, with readers jumping on the “temptresses” comment that Kauffman allegedly spoke outside of the courtroom. Kauffman called the article “absolutely false,” claiming that the Missoulian “mischaracterized” her words. The “temptresses” comment was allegedly made by Kauffman when a reporter and the 13-year-old sexual assault victim’s mother heard Lisa speaking outside of court. Griffith pleaded guilty to sexual assault. As reported by Raw Story, the melee that took place in Missoula County, Montana, went viral when the “temptresses” comment was reported. Kauffman also allegedly blamed the 13-year-old girl for looking and acting like an 18-year-old — a statement that Lisa made to Missoula County District Court Judge Robert Deschamps.

“You should see the pictures of her and the hair and the makeup.”

Griffith will now serve time for sex with the 13-year-old girl at the teenage addiction recovery center. Justin was an employee at the facility. The trial turned heated and controversial when attorney Kauffman spoke during the hearing and claimed Justin wasn’t trained to handle young teenage girls at the facility. Lisa reportedly blamed the young girls for potentially trying to seduce Justin.

Attorney Brian Lowney said that rape was not a training issue, and the sexual assault of a 13-year-old resident was also not a training issue. Judge Dechamps was on Lowney’s side, with the judge saying that Justin had an extensive history of sexual episodes, making the 26-year-old man one who wasn’t naive and innocent. When the judge said that Justin had been around the block, Kauffman said that the 13-year-old had as well.

“How about victims as temptresses, what do you think about that?”

The 13-year-old’s mother did not appreciate her daughter being called a temptress.

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