Prince George In Class When Intruder Breaks Into His School And Is Arrested

Prince George School Intruder Arrested

A frightening incident happened while young Prince George was in class at his new school on Tuesday. An intruder broke into the private school where the future King of England attended, but the culprit was arrested quickly.

According to TMZ, Prince George and 560 other students between the ages of four and 13 were in the building at the time of the break in at Thomas’s Battersea. The female suspect was arrested on suspicion of attempted burglary. Police are taking a closer look at security measures for the academic facility as a result of the incident.

ABC News reports that the Metropolitan Police Service, which has members that are part of the royal family’s security detail, released a statement saying they’re working with the school to “review its security arrangements after the incident.” They add that Thomas’s Battersea is responsible for establishing its own security, but the police are dedicated to working “closely” with the school.

The suspect is reportedly in custody at the South London police station.

The Telegraph adds in its report that Prince George and the other classmates weren’t present during the actual break in, but they were in a classroom. The report further reveals that the suspect is a woman in her forties. Kensington Palace is aware of the incident but has no comment.

Although the woman was arrested, and everything is now under control, it was likely a shock to the royal family and the parents of the other children. Considering the most high profile 4-year-old in England is attending the school, it’s surprising to hear anyone was able to get as far as the suspect managed. It’s unknown if the school had experienced any attempted burglaries or other criminal activity in the past.

Prince George’s fellow classmates come from various backgrounds. The annual cost per student at Thomas’s Battersea is $23,000, and the school teaches a roster of traditional subjects in addition to art, drama, ballet, music, and physical education.

Last week, Prince William was famously photographed dropping George off at school when they were met by the school’s head, Helen Haslem. Kate Middleton was unable to make her son’s first day of school due to severe morning sickness. The 4-year-old prince will be known to his classmates as George Cambridge.

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