Prince Harry’s Ms. Markle Recently Met Queen Elizabeth, And “It Went Well”

Prince Harry’s girlfriend, Meghan Markle, had officially met Queen Elizabeth and insiders said that the meeting “went well.” All the signs seem to be in place that a royal wedding is imminent as the two are obviously besotted with each other, and the Queen has finally met the woman who stole her grandson’s heart. Details of the meeting emerged recently and pointed to the fact that Harry was serious about making the family rounds with the Suits actress.

“He wanted to introduce Meghan to the queen.”

Prince and Harry and Meghan Markle celebrated her birthday in style this year. The 36-year-old was swept away to Africa during late August. The two spent three weeks exploring the beauty of Botswana and Zambia.

Coincidentally, Prince William also proposed to Kate, Duchess of Cambridge, on African soil. Upon their return to England, the couple hastened to Aberdeenshire, to the royal family’s summer estate. There, Harry and Meghan spent time with Prince Charles and his wife, Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall. Showing deep commitment to introduce her to all of his family, the prince took Markle to Balmoral Castle. At that time, the queen was enjoying a summer break away from the humdrum of Kensington Palace. Queen Elizabeth officially met Meghan Markle at Balmoral.

“It went well. It’ll no doubt be the first of many encounters.”

Harry has already introduced Markle to the rest of his immediate family. William, in particular, is quite taken with her. The Inquisitr reported in February that William and Kate were delighted with Meghan’s offer to babysit for them. She got down and played with young George and Charlotte, doing silly voices and impressions.

Now that Markle has met the entire family, and has reportedly received the Queen’s blessing, rumors are flying that there is a strong possibility that she and Harry are already engaged. Other rumors state that they did not make their engagement news public yet as they did not want to take away from William and Kate’s news that they are expecting their third child.

According to She Knows, there are reports that Meghan Markle’s engagement ring was made from diamonds from Princess Diana’s broach. The rumors also indicate that Harry proposed to his girlfriend while they were in Africa. Whether the rumors are true or not, the fact remains that Prince Harry is serious about letting those important to him get to know Meghan Markle better. If that isn’t showing how serious he is about her, then what is? Do you think that the couple is already engaged?

[Featured Image by Andrew Toth/Getty Images]