Jessica Biel’s ‘The Sinner’ Incestuous Sex Scenes Shocks Fans, Plus Will Cora Remember?

Jessica Biel is going darker than ever on her latest series, The Sinner. While the show is getting great reviews, the most recent episode featured an incestuous scene that left fans a little bewildered. Did Biel take things a little too far this time?

According to Christian Post, the questionable sex scene involved Cora Tannetti (Biel) and her sister, Phoebe (Nadia Alexander). Suffering from a long-term illness, Phoebe wanted to experience sex and knew that finding a partner wouldn’t happen. To that end, she manipulated Cora into having sex, which sparked immediate shock from fans on social media.

Many fans expressed their surprise and disgust with the incestuous scene and thought it wasn’t appropriate for network television. Others, however, looked beyond the sexual act and commended the series for telling a complicated, yet compelling narrative.

For her part, Biel has never really shied away from controversial projects like The Sinner. Before taking a break from Hollywood to be a mom, Biel bared it all during a striptease in the 2009 film, Powder Blue. She also performed a few sex scenes in the 2007 flick, I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry. Back in 2011, Biel admitted that she’d consider pretty much any kind of role as long as the story was good.

“If a director I trusted came to me with an amazing opportunity and it felt organic, I would do it,” she explained.

Biel has not, however, commented on the show’s incestuous scene.

Although fans were genuinely shocked by Cora and Phoebe’s interaction, one of the biggest questions remaining is when Cora will start remembering. Christian Post reports that the synopsis for the upcoming episode, “Part VII,” reveals that Cora will finally start recalling the events surrounding her murder of Frankie Belmont. Cora’s amnesia began to clear up a little at the end of last week’s episode when Detective Ambrose brought her to the Beverwyck Club. It isn’t clear what Cora will remember, but it sounds like some of the pieces will come together as the series nears the finale.

The Sinner is an adaptation of a book by Petra Hammesfahr. The show centers on the story of a mom who kills a man in public but has no recollection of the crime.

New episodes of The Sinner air Wednesday nights on USA Network, check out a preview for the next all-new episode below.

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