OutDaughtered Canceled? Will The Busby Family Come Back For Another Season?

Has OutDaughtered been canceled? That’s the question fans are asking after TLC (the network that broadcasts the show) has been silent about the show’s future as the current season winds down.

As In Touch Weekly reports, the final episode of the current season (“The Busby’s Newest Addition”) aired on Tuesday of this week, and no official word on another season has been forthcoming.

Fans, for their part, have been regaling both TLC and the Busbys themselves (Adam and Danielle, of course; not the kids) on social media. They’ve been both praising the show and asking if there is any word on another season.

“You guys have the BEST show ever. Every day is a countdown to Tuesday thinking — ‘OutDaughtered is on.’ It makes me smile and laugh. I wish it was on all day every day; no breaks from it. I can survive just watching that for the rest of my life.”

Dad Adam Busby himself has also jumped into the discussion. On Tuesday night, the family patriarch posted an enigmatic response on Twitter, basically giving the fans the tiniest glimpse of what might be the future of the show.

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At this point, it bears noting that Adam’s reticence about the future of the show could be due to any number of things. He may genuinely not know if OutDaughtered is coming back. Or it may be that he knows, but he’s contractually obligated to keep quiet about it.

Even though the question of whether or not OutDaughtered is returning for another season hasn’t been conclusively settled as of this writing, it seems pretty clear that TLC would be foolish not to bring the Busbys back. Shows about big families, such as the Duggar family of Counting On, the Johnson family of 7 Little Johnsons, and the innumerable members of the Putnam family from Meet The Putnams are TLC’s bread and butter.

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TLC fans’ fondness for big families in general, and for OutDaughtered in particular, comes through in the show’s ratings, too. About 1.3 million people tuned in, on average, for this season of the Busbys’ wacky shenanigans, which are impressive numbers for a basic-cable show.

If OutDaughtered comes back for another season, expect it to come back in or around February of 2018.

Do you believe OutDaughtered will come back for another season? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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