WWE News: WWE Gives Update On Vince McMahon After Kevin Owens Makes Him Bleed The Hard Way On ‘SmackDown’

For years, WWE has worked on keeping their programming as a PG product which is fit for families and that meant no blood, but the boss himself changed that last night. Kevin Owens and Shane McMahon had a violent interaction on SmackDown Live last week which resulted in Vince McMahon returning to the show on Tuesday. Owens not only attacked Vince too, but he made bleed from his forehead and it looked to be done the hard way which has a lot of people talking this morning.

Kevin Owens and Shane McMahon were already heading for a collision course soon, but last night, everything was officially set up. As KO went out to the ring to end the night, he called out Vince McMahon who was happy to oblige and he went out to confront the former WWE Universal Champion.

As Owens talked about suing WWE, Vince gave him a match against Shane McMahon inside the cell at Hell in a Cell next month. Owens wanted confirmation that he wouldn’t be punished for hurting “a McMahon” and Vince shook his hand on the deal as reported by the official website of WWE.

While shaking hands, Owens brought Vince in close and headbutted him which had him laid out in the center of the ring. As the camera closed in on the face of the boss, blood began to trickle from the center of his forehead.

wwe news vince mcmahon bleeding cut open kevin owens smackdown live

When watching the scene happen the first time, it may have been hard to see, but fans need to go back and watch it again. There was nothing else that happened between Owens headbutting Vince McMahon and the boss falling back on the canvas and the camera closing in on his forehead.

You can see the blood just start to trickle from his head and see how brutal that headbutt truly was.

The official website of WWE gave an update on Wednesday morning that they still don’t know the status of Vince McMahon. The Chairman and CEO would not comment on the situation and also refused any type of medical attention.

Obviously, this attack was to set up Shane McMahon vs. Kevin Owens at Hell in a Cell, but no-one saw it going quite like this.

Vince McMahon does not allow any superstar to blade or purposely make themselves bleed and it has been that way for a long time. There are said to be huge repercussions if any superstar does that without first getting approval which isn’t something given often.

wwe news vince mcmahon bleeding cut open kevin owens smackdown live

UPROXX called it a “shoot headbutt” even though it was likely planned to happen, but maybe not as hard and violent as it ended up being. This beatdown by Owens was a scene right out of the WWE Attitude Era and one of the best SmackDown moments in a long time.

All of this is part of a storyline to build up a huge match at Hell in a Cell which is now confirmed and has been made official. Shane McMahon will not only be able to take out his personal frustrations on Kevin Owens inside the cell, but he will look to avenge his father as well. The attack on Vince McMahon wasn’t just brutal, but there was a bit of WWE reality to it as well. Seeing him bleed was quite shocking, but it is also obvious that it wasn’t intentional and KO’s headbutt was even stronger than it looked.

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