Meet Raz Halili: Hurricane Harvey’s #RescueBae Compared To ‘The Young And The Restless’ Star Shemar Moore

Raz Halili has a new name. He is now known as #RescueBae. As reported by ABC 13, Raz has gone viral after Ariel Marie helped his selfie go viral. Raz was rescuing people in Port Arthur from the ravages of Hurricane Harvey when a woman commented to her friend how handsome Halili was. Halili showed up in the below selfie that has now gone viral with plenty of comparison of Raz to actor Shemar Moore. Raz is so popular that the hashtag #RescueBae is currently trending on Twitter. Marie initially thought Raz was with the Cajun Navy. However, Halili actually works at Prestige Oyster, Inc., his family’s firm in San Leon.

Raz and Gezim Halili, his cousin, went out in the flooded waters and used a boat and jet skis to rescue folks that had been stranded by Hurricane Harvey’s floodwaters. Raz searched Port Arthur, Dickinson, and Friendswood to look for folks who may have needed to be rescued from the floodwaters. Raz soon discovered people who needed his help, including a man who was in a canoe that had been turned over in a creek, with the floodwater’s currents sweeping him into a precarious position. Halili also was surprised when he steered his oyster boat into a gated community; an act that Raz said he never thought he would experience.

Halili’s heroic efforts have helped the Albanian man now known as the “hot rescue guy,” and #RescueBae online become a celebrity in his own right. Raz noted that he was helping the Coast Guard at the time since their motor wasn’t functioning properly. Halili was sought out by Marie when she posted the now-famous Raz selfie on Facebook stating that she would find Halili. Marie’s efforts proved fruitful when the selfie of the hot #RescueBae was shared almost 7,000 times on Facebook, and nearly 6,000 comments about Raz were published. Plenty of those comments couldn’t help but note how much Halili looked like The Young and the Restless star Shemar Moore.

It’s not clear what’s next for #RescueBae after Raz’s surge of popularity. Whereas a trio of cops also recently went viral, with reports of a calendar on the way starring the men, #RescueBae and his newfound viral status might prompt another calendar starring Halili as well.

[Featured Image by Mike Windle/Getty Images for GQ]