Lockerbie Files To Be Released By Libya

Libya announced on Friday that they will soon release all the files they have on the Lockerbie bombing, according to the country’s ambassador to the UK.

While they are promising to release the files, Mahmud Nacua stated that it will be likely at least a year before they are in a position to release the files.

The announcement by Libya’s new government was made on the 24th anniversary of the Lockerbie bombing when Pan Am flight 103 blew out of the sky over Scotland, killing 270 people.

The BBC reports that one bomber, Abdelbaset al-Megrahi, passed away this year after he was released by Scotland in 2009 because he was suffering from terminal prostate cancer. He remains the only person to be convicted in the bombing, though Scottish police hope they will be able to pursue those responsible in Libya now that the country’s revolution is over.

The Global Post notes that there has been no formal agreement for Libya to release the Lockerbie files, though Nacua believes the files will be able to be released after the government establishes security and stability.


Scotland’s Lord Advocate Frank Mulholland traveled to Tripoli in April to speak with the Libyan government about co-operation with the Lockerbie investigation. Mulholland also met with Libya’s interim prime minister in May to talk about the bombing and further inquiries. A Crown Office spokesman stated at the time:

“The prime minister asked for clarification on a number of issues relating to the conduct of the proposed investigation in Libya and the lord advocate has undertaken to provide this. The prime minister made it clear that he recognized the seriousness of this crime.”

Are you surprised to see that Libya will release all of its Lockerbie files soon so that the UK can hopefully bring others involved in the bombing to justice?