Katt Williams Detained By Police At Subway Restaurant

Katt Williams is turning int a real Lindsay Lohan. The comic was detained for a short period of time by police on Thursday night after allegedly starting a disturbance inside a Subway restaurant.

Police were called to the scene of the sandwich shop where they proceeded to question Williams before handcuffing him and placing him in the back of a squad car.

The “disturbance” has not been revealed at this time; however, Katt and manager Suge Knight were both given citations at the scene of the incident. Katt was fined for parking to close to fire hydrant, and Suge was ticketed for failure to respond in regards to various outstanding traffic warrants.

The entire fiasco went down at a Subway in West Hollywood.

Katt Williams is claiming he’s innocent, telling TMZ that he was just waiting for Suge Knight to finish his mani-pedi across the street at a salon.

While the comic admits to carrying a small amount of marijuana and a gun, he says police returned both because he was also carrying a medical marijuana card and a conceal and carry gun permit. Police tell a different story, claiming to have only found an empty magazine for a .45 caliber gun and no actual weapon.

A Subway employee proceeded to bring Katt Williams and Suge Knight sandwiches after they were released. The employee claims to have seen no type of physical altercation.

Katt Williams, in the meantime, is no stranger to arrests, strange behavior, and other acts that leave us feeling like he’s becoming a male Lindsay Lohan. Williams was last arrested on December 7 in Sacramento, and that arrest was caused by a filed warrant whn he fled police while driving down a sidewalk months earlier.

Do you think Katt Williams arrests are the result of becoming unhinged?