Latest Update On Baron Corbin’s Backstage Heat Has Connection To His Past NFL Career

One of the biggest behind-the-scenes rumors in the WWE has been SmackDown Live star Baron Corbin’s backstage heat. With numerous conflicting reports hinting at the reasons why Corbin’s main event push had suddenly stalled, it would seem that the only thing people could agree on was just that — the “Lone Wolf” was back down to the mid-card after shockingly losing his attempt to cash in his Money in the Bank contract. Now it would seem that there’s another possible reason behind Corbin’s backstage issues — his allegedly not being forthcoming enough about his involvement in a concussion-related lawsuit against the NFL.

According to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter (via Wrestling Inc.), Baron Corbin might have also acquired backstage heat by not immediately disclosing the fact that he was one of several players who sued the NFL over concussions allegedly suffered on the football field. The Wrestling Observer’s Dave Meltzer wrote that Corbin, who turns 33-years-old today, only told WWE officials about the lawsuit last month. That “(made) things weird” between Baron and the WWE, as concussions are also one of the many risks pro wrestlers are exposed to each time they compete in the ring.

Previously, the Inquisitr reported that Baron Corbin’s backstage heat was mainly related to an argument he had last month with WWE doctor Joseph Maroon. Looking back on that “awkward and uncomfortable” disagreement, Wrestling Inc. noted that Corbin was unhappy with Maroon supposedly downplaying the connection between concussions and chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE). The prevailing feeling backstage, according to those reports, is that Baron should have talked to Maroon about his concerns in private, rather than interrupting the wrestlers’ meeting where the doctor made those comments about concussions and CTE.

Earlier reports had alleged that Baron Corbin had backstage heat as a result of his numerous arguments with fans and colleagues on Twitter, as well as real-life issues with John Cena, who cost Corbin his Money in the Bank contract cash-in attempt, and defeated him quickly and cleanly at SummerSlam. Meltzer previously debunked the Cena rumors, but added that Corbin’s purportedly belligerent attitude on social media didn’t do the SmackDown Live mainstay any favors.

Corbin is currently feuding for the United States Championship, and is due to take on AJ Styles for the title on next week’s episode of SmackDown. Although the segment where Corbin accepted Styles’ open challenge for the U.S. Championship was overshadowed by Kevin Owens’ brutal attack on WWE owner Vince McMahon, Cageside Seats commented that Corbin was used well in the segment, which also saw him attacking Styles and his opponent that night, Tye Dillinger, following their match.

Baron Corbin, who is known as Tom Pestock in real life, had last played in the NFL as part of the Arizona Cardinals’ practice squad in 2011 as an offensive lineman. As recalled by Pro Player Insiders, he was briefly teammates with former Maryland defensive end Dean Muhtadi, who would later embark on a pro wrestling career under the ring name Mojo Rawley. Both men signed up with the WWE Performance Center after their pro football careers ended, and made the main roster as part of the SmackDown Live brand after successful tenures in NXT.

What are your thoughts on Baron Corbin’s alleged backstage heat, and how the reports keep coming in about it? Do you think he has a chance of regaining his main event push, or do you think he’s doomed to remain in the mid-card due to all the supposed infractions he’s committed behind the scenes?

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