Meals Fit For A Little Prince! What Does Kate And William’s Son George Eat At His New School?

Over the past few years, school lunch has been a hot button topic. Do parents of a future king have those same worries? Not exactly! For royal children like Prince George, school lunch is an epicurean adventure.

So, what does Prince George eat at his new school? The 4-year-old child of Prince William and Kate Middleton is eating adventurous meals befitting a five-star restaurant.

Last week, Prince George started his first day at Thomas’s Battersea. Accompanied only by his father, the Duke of Cambridge, as his mother, Duchess Catherine, was battling severe morning sickness. Prince William and his look-alike son were low key and gracious as they met his new teacher.

Although the little prince looked just a little nervous as he embarked on his new adventure, odds are that Prince George may be quite excited by some of the culinary delights offered to him for his morning snack and luncheon. The school wants to encourage children to eat healthily.

Mark Newman, the general catering manager of the school’s cafeteria has three criteria for feeding children: “healthy cooking, full flavor and presentation.”

So, what does Prince George eat for school lunch?

For the morning snack, the meal generally consists of organic milk, or water, for those lactose intolerant or vegan students. In addition, they will have either a banana, an apple, or a satsuma, which is also called a mandarin orange.

At lunch, instead of dodgy pizza or chicken nuggets, some of the school’s choices include a freshly prepared turkey and ham pie topped with puff pastry or free-range chicken minced chili con carne. George is sure to become a future foodie if he selects the lamb ragout with garlic and fresh herbs menu choice.

Instead of fish sticks or tuna casserole, the fish options include salmon fillet with a salsa verdi or smoked mackerel on a bed of puy lentils.

There are also vegetarian options which include halloumi cheese and chick peas, and the school can accommodate any dietary restriction.

What sort of tantalizing dessert treats does the school serve? Oven-baked oatmeal and raisin cookie served with a banana milkshake or steamed jam and coconut sponge (cake) with organic custard are two delectable choices. There is also a fruit platter with a Fruit Actimel (yogurt shake).

What do you think of Prince George’s school lunches? How do these compare to what your children eat or what you grew up eating?

[Featured Image by Chris Jackson/Getty Images]