’90 Day Fiance’ Star Anfisa Slams Plastic Surgery Critics, Posts Before-And-After Photos

Anfisa Arkhipchenko is slamming gossip websites that are exaggerating her fondness for plastic surgery. The 90 Day Fiance star took to Facebook to call out In Touch Weekly in particular, which published an article stating that Anfisa looked like a “totally different person” before getting a few things done on her face.

“These gossip websites are something else,” the reality star wrote on her Facebook page. She added that because of these false headlines, most of the show’s viewers believe the news and leave nasty comments on her social media accounts.

In Touch Weekly’s article, published on Sept. 12, included a picture of a younger Anfisa posted by a 90 Day Fiance fan. While the picture clearly proves that Anfisa did get some work, it also shows that the 22-year-old Russian native was already beautiful even before the enhancements.

Anfisa claims that the title of the article is misleading. To disprove her critics, she posted before-and-after pictures showing that her looks didn’t change much at all.

Anfisa used the same photo published by In Touch and added an “unedited” screenshot from a recent episode of 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever? Season 2. While she admitted to enhancing her pout, Anfisa attributed much of her changing looks to styling and aging.



“So where is this totally different person? Different eyebrows, yes. Different lips. 3-4 years older. I don’t think this makes me ‘totally different.'”

Anfisa’s fans seem to agree with her. Many commented right away that she looks just as gorgeous now as she was years ago.

“You look the same to me! Screw the haters,” one fan wrote on her Facebook post.

“First off, they are just idiots,” wrote another fan. “Of course, someone 18 is gonna look different by age 22. They are still growing and maturing!”

Anfisa has never denied that she’s all for improving one’s looks–even if that meant going under the knife. In fact, she admitted that she’s gotten lip fillers when she was still living in Russia. In the recently concluded season of 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After?, she was also shown consulting with a plastic surgeon about getting Botox injections. In one scene when she was having lunch with a friend, Anfisa unapologetically remarked that everyone is “plastic” nowadays.

“When people start saying, ‘Oh, she did this, she did that … She’s full of plastic.’ And who isn’t nowadays?”

Interestingly, one procedure that Anfisa never mentioned in the show was about getting breast implants. This was only revealed during the explosive Tell-All special of the reality show when, in a fit of anger, her husband Jorge shockingly said that he paid for Anfisa’s “boob job.” Anfisa called Jorge a liar but chose not to dwell on the issue.

90 Day Fiance fans! What do you think of Anfisa’s before-and-after pictures? Do you think that the reality star still looks like her old self, or do you think she’s gone overboard with her plastic surgery procedures? Sound off your thoughts in the comments section below!

[Featured Image by Anfisa Nava/Facebook]