‘Today’ Cast Shakeup Rumor: Is Sam Champion Replacing Al Roker As Meteorologist?

Sam Champion Replacing Al Roker Today Rumors

A new rumor about a possible Today cast shakeup is brewing over Sam Champion replacing Al Roker as the morning program’s meteorologist.

Usually, the Today rumors revolve around Matt Lauer, Savannah Guthrie, or Megyn Kelly, but this one features the most-watched weathermen in the news. Will NBC really let their longtime meteorologist go?

Radar Online reports that Sam Champion is “pushing hard” to take Al Roker’s seat on Today. A set source tells the celebrity news site that Champion is trying to extend his exposure after covering Hurricane Irma on MSNBC as a weather contributor. Roker is said to be standing his ground, unwilling to be pushed aside so Champion can take over.

The insider explains that Al has survived a long time on “the most cutthroat show on TV” because he knows how to play the game and can be “ruthless” when it comes down to it. Al is aware of what Sam is up to and won’t allow him to take over his job, the source claims.

Sources with the production note that head honchos aren’t likely to replace Al Roker with Sam Champion because a controversial move was already made earlier this year when the network scrapped Roker and Tamron Hall’s 9 a.m hour of Today to make room for Megyn Kelly. Insiders say cutting out the only “major black co-host” left on the show with Champion would result in a “public outcry.”

The source continues that Al has been watching Sam getting a lot of air time on MSNBC lately and “isn’t happy.”

Sam Champion was a weather anchor on GMA for seven years before he left to join The Weather Channel in 2014. After three years with the network, he called it quits. Atlantic-Journal Constitution reported that Champion was hoping to become a managing editor on The Weather Channel, but it didn’t happen. He then moved on to be a weather contributor for MSNBC. He reportedly tried joining GMA again in 2015, but ABC had its weather team firmly in place.

Today Cast Shakeup Rumor: Is Sam Champion Replacing Al Roker?

It’s probably just a rumor that a Today cast shake-up will unfold with Sam Champion replacing Al Roker because they would take a chance on making one too many controversial changes in a short amount of time.

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