Teen Shoots, Kills His Mother After She Told Him Puppy Has To Go

Police in Michigan answered a 911 call from a teen who stated he just found his mother dead in their Williamston home. Police found the teen’s 51-year-old mother deceased with a gunshot wound in the back of her head at about 7 a.m. on Friday.

Detectives started to look at the son after learning that he and his mother were the only people at home the night before when neighbors heard arguing. Andrew David Willson, 19, and his mother, Lisa Marie Willson, who is now deceased, were overheard by the neighbors on Thursday night arguing about a puppy, reports Fox News.

According to the neighbors, the mother and son were arguing over Andrew’s new puppy, which he had owned for about two weeks. His mother said he couldn’t keep the dog anymore, and that the puppy would need to go to Andrew’s father’s home, which is about 11 miles away in the town of Dansville.

The shooting took place in their home, which is located near Williamston in the 200 block of Linn Road, according to the Lansing State Journal.

Andrew told police that he had gone out for a drive and when he got home on Friday morning, he had found that someone murdered his mother. His mother was found dead in her bedroom and she was apparently sleeping at the time she was fatally shot.

After detectives questioned Andrew he told them that he went into a locked cabinet in their home and got a.22 Magnum rifle and proceeded to shoot his mother in the back of her head while she was sleeping. He then discarded that rifle nearby after driving around with it in the car.

He discarded the rifle somewhere not far from his home as he drove along the back roads, Andrew told police. Officers were able to locate the rifle and they report it had a live round in it with a spent shell.

The teen did not shoot his mother directly following that argument when tempers were still flared. According to police, he waited until hours after they had argued to kill his mother over having to bring his dog to his father’s home.

Willson was charged with murder and felony firearm possession in this case. According to the Lansing State Journal, Willson was arrested and taken into custody on Friday and he was denied bail during his arraignment on Monday in 55th District Court.

According to Fox, Willson is scheduled for court on September 28. They also said the teen had no prior criminal offenses.

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