June 17, 2013
BigTinCan Partners with Cellmania to bring its apps to over 200M additional users

Sydney Australia, October 28, 2009 (Inquisitr Wire): Starting today, smartphone applications from Australian mobile developer BigTinCan are now available for download and purchase through the Cellmania distribution channel - opening up the products to over 200M new users throughout the USA, Europe and Asia/Pacific.

Cellmania is a US-based global directory of mobile applications, which counts the likes AT&T, Telstra, Orange, T-Mobile and SprintNextel as carrier partners.

"We are very excited to be able to work with Cellmania", said David Keane, CEO BigTinCan, "this agreement allows more users around the world to get access to our range of smartphone solutions in an easy to purchase and install way".

Starting today, the BigTinCan BuzzMe family of apps and Mapper family of smart phone apps are available for download and purchase through the Cellmania system.

BigTinCan now has over 2 million smartphone app users globally, and has topped the charts as the No 1 paid application, and one of the top 5 free applications on the RIM AppWorld for the past 4 months.

"We are very glad to welcome aboard BigTinCan to the Cellmania world", said Dr. Ronjon Nag, CEO and Co-Founder, CEO Cellmania, "we believe that this is another step in bringing the best smartphone apps to our carrier partners and our millions of end users worldwide".

Meanwhile, BigTinCan's international growth is also set to be accelerated with news that BigTinCan Mapper for BlackBerry is now being available in India and South East Asia. These are areas that have traditionally been difficult to map for the existing commercial mapping players. Using BTC Mapper, users can contribute directly to OpenStreetMap - the Wikipedia of Maps - and improve the world map. "We expect to get hundreds of thousands of new users contributing to OSM with in the next 12 months" said David Keane

BigTinCan apps are now available for download using from the phone at the service address of the relevant partners.