Mariah Carey Allegedly Caught Kissing French Montana: Couple Dating, Split From Bryan Tanaka?

Mariah Carey was all over French Montana when the duo recently recorded the remix to the rapper’s hit song “Unforgettable,” it’s been alleged.

According to Life & Style, Mariah Carey had been a huge fan of the song for a while, so when the opportunity came along to record a remixed version to the track, the iconic singer didn’t hesitate to get in the studio with longtime friend French Montana.

But by the look of how things reportedly turned out, it seems as if Mariah Carey laid more than just her vocals in the recording studio; supposedly, a few kisses were planted on cheeks.

An insider told the news outlet that Mariah hung onto French Montana like they had been together for months.

They reportedly have really good chemistry between one another, and if one didn’t know any better, it can be seen as if the two are a couple even when they are playfully flirting with one another.

On the day of the collaborative effort to record the remix to “Unforgettable,” however, Mariah Carey not only jumped on Montana’s back in a playful manner, she had him carry her around the room on multiple occasions before sharing a kiss.

After finishing the song together, Mariah Carey was so happy with the finalized version that she was strongly giving the impression she wanted to celebrate the night, with one source revealing that the duo left the studio together.

It’s no secret that Mariah Carey is one of French Montana’s closest friends, but it begs the question on what would have happened to Bryan Tanaka, who the “We Belong Together” hitmaker has been dating for well over a year.

The duo briefly decided to call it quits last year, but their split only lasted for a month before they decided to give their love another shot.

With the rumor being that Mariah Carey was kissing Montana, it would seem as if the mother of two has officially dumped Bryan again in favor of someone she has considered one of her closest musical friends for more than four years.

Could you see Mariah Carey and French making their romance official, or do you think they were just being playful with one another?

[Featured Image by Theo Wargo/Getty Images]